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Guest catman

i just came from costco, i wanted to buy michelin x radials for my 2004 corolla which had 185/65/15 86t as stock size.

the glovebox sticker as well as the manual also list size 195/65/15 89t.

the Michelin book they have dose not list that as an option even though it came stock on the 2004 le with the same width rim.

anyone know of a reason why this might be and can i switch.? the 195/ is $97 vs 108 for the 185s


Hello and Welcome to the forums.

The OEM tire sizes coulb be either a 185/65R15 or a 195/65R15 depending on the trim level of the car and the target market. Most of the 9th generation Corolla had 195/65R15 as standard equipment. It is possible that the Michelin guide they have does not have the correct listing for the Toyota Corolla. Should be no problem switching to the 195 width tire on the Corolla.


I just put 195/65/15 Michelin Harmony (almost identical to X) on my 2003 CE, which had 185/65/15 tires when I bought it. I've also had 195/60/15 Bridgestones on the car. The 195/65/15s will be fine for you.

Guest catman

thanks guys i will be getting the 195's tomorrow

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