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Cheap Suspension

by TheDarkKnight, July 10, 2009

Hey guys,

got a question.

The 02 needs new struts/shocks soon (100k+ on originals). I am looking for the cheapest replacements I can find.

Can you guys suggest any cheap brands/stores to get them at?

Local parts store has monroes starting at around $250 and gabriels around $300/set.

On-line, I have seen KYB GR2 for $275ish and Bilstein for $300.

I am not looking for "high performance". Anything new should be better than the current OE.

Worst case, I will just the the monroes (yeah, i know... crap. but they're CHEAP!).



KYB, Tokico, and Bilstein would be my first choices. Monroes and Gabriels are well known brands - but quality has really taken a dive. For the difference in price - I'd get the KYB GR2 over Monroe struts. Every once and awhile, I see KYBs drop down into the $60ish price range a strut. But lately they have been hovering around the $70-$75 range.

Looking to replace mine as well - ride quality is decidely more nautical than before and handling/cornering is getting a tad hairy at times.

If youre wanting to change them just because theyre over 100k miles then consider leaving them on, thats if you dont feel anything wrong with them. Im at 96k miles and mine are fine so Im not changing them until I can feel them going bad.

Thanks for the info guys,

& Fish, thanks for the heads up.

Like you said, i am not a fan of the el-cheapo brands either. still trying to figure out how much longer we're hanging on to the vehicle. if its another year, figure the cheapest is best. if its longer...

if you DO see KYB on sale, let me know! =)

its just too hot to do it now (yeah, i am lazy)... and too nice. no clouds, 80s... think i will go for a ride this eve =p

the suspension is pretty much trashed. i get sea-sick riding in it, and on even slightly bumpy roads (which is just about everywhere around here), i can feel it skipping. i figure i had better change it before winter, so that we have max performance in the crappy weather here.

changed the sus on my 4runner last month to a set of bilstien hd's. couldnt believe the difference it made - prob didnt help that the left tie-rod end had rusted off either...

You think 80's is too hot you should try yard work in the 101 degree sun. Did that the other day and was sweating like a fat boy on a pogo stick.


hmmm... dont think i want to imagine what a fat guy on a pogo stick would look like...

A lot of jumping on and falling off, hence the sweat.

Well that, and a lot of pogo holes in the yard too. lol

KYB, Bilstein, and Tokico are some of the usual recommendations when it comes to struts/shocks. However, it's not really considered as cheap when it comes to the price. By the way, I wonder what brand you chose for your car.

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I don't know about 8th-gen Corollas, but I am thinking of getting the Konis that come with Eibach lowering springs from Tirerack web site. Eibach made the TRD springs for Toyota (which are no longer available). Anyone try out that combo from Tirerack?

Go for Bilstein Shocks. Installed one on my 2005 Toyota Corolla LE. It's worth the money. 

  • 110 posts has reasonable prices. Or you can go to a junk yard and look for any that aren't leaking (sign of blown shock).

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RockAuto often has discontinued item specials that can be bargain priced, just watch the shipping, if you order from more than one warehouse, the charges go way up.

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