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1995 Corolla Quandry

By Guest Campisi86, November 9, 2004 in Pre-1997 Toyota Corolla and Geo Prizm

Guest Campisi86

I have a 1995 Corolla with the 1.8 liter engine, but the thing is too slow. What can I do on the cheap (real cheap) to get some added oomph?

Trade it in for something else default_biggrin

Seriously - you can get some extra power for the 4A-FE engine - but it won't be cheap. Probably the least expensive way to add tangible power gains is with a NOS system. Most will start around the $400+ price range that most backyard mechanics can install themselves.

This is ****uming that the car is in good condition and is properly tuned up. If you car is seriously out of tune, a good tune up will seem to add quite a power boost.

Guest Campisi86

I have heard about the Cold Air Induction systems for other cars, and I am considering making one myself for it. Should I just reroute the air hose from the filter box, or should I add another hose that just bypAsses the filter and splices to the original air hose?

I've seen DIY CAI done both ways. Just be careful to keep the length of pipe in mind - don't want it in an area that might be prone to hydrolock. As for splicing in a new length of pipe - as long as you keep all the sensors in place - you might be OK.

Might add a few HP - might take some away. As most aftermarket setups will help in the higher RPMs and lose a bit in the lower RPMs. Depends on what you are looking for performance wise.

Good Luck.

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