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2004 Corolla S - Subwoofers

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My wife and I bought a 2004 Toyota Corolla S last week, and I am interested in installing/having installed a subwoofer set in the trunk. I have a very rigorous schedule, and I don't have a lot of free time to research what I need to in order to make a wise, thorough decision about the size and brand of speakers I want. I am asking for recommendations, along with any advice from people with similar vehicles, particularly 2003 or 2004 Corollas. I am asking this because I am unsure of the audio hookups on the back of the factory system.

Please, keep all non-thread related comments short.

Thank you for your time.


Do you plan on replacing just the speakers and adding a sub? Are you going to run it off the factory head unit?

I have not dealt with the corolla sound system, but on my own car, I have wired up a subwoofer to my factory head unit. You will most likely need a line output converter to get the signal for your amplifer/subwoofer unless your amp has high/speaker level inputs.

What type of sound does your wife want? Does she want spl (shakey shakey...booom boom..) or sq which is sound quality? I'm an sq type of person, so I opted to get a single Image Dynamics IDQ 10" for my ford taurus. The box size is half a cubic foot and sounds great.

I'm planning on simply adding a sub for sound quality purposes.

Finding a good installer is just as important. A good installer will be able to recommend the right setup for your needs, and do the job right. The last thing you want with your new car are electrical problems and broken/misplaced plastic pieces. Check out recommendations from the jerks at the stoplight (if they’re friendly). default_smile He may be a car audiophile with a competition setup who knows the best installers in your area.

I have a couple of 12” subwoofers and a 300W amp in my 1998 Corolla (which is probably overkill for your situation) and I ran the power and signal cables myself. There’s a lot of plastic pieces that need to come off, especially if you want to do it the right way, and in that process I broke a few plastic fasteners. To mount the amp, I had an installer do it, and he did a beautiful job of mounting it behind the seat. He even helped me test out my system and set up the amp.

Maybe you could mention where you live so we can recommend someone?

I ended up getting a JL Audio 10" in a sealed enclosure, and a 240W Pioneer amp to power it. My friend is an audiophile and has done all of his stereo work in his truck, so we are going to put it in when we get a chance.