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1995 Has Noise On Front Wheel

by Bikeman982, April 8, 2008 in Pre-1997 Toyota Corolla and Geo Prizm


The 1995 Corolla I have makes a noise on the front driver's wheel area everytime it goes over a bump.

I figure the strut is bad.

Has anyone changed theirs??

The 1995 Corolla I have makes a noise on the front driver's wheel area everytime it goes over a bump.I figure the strut is bad.


Has anyone changed theirs??

bike man .its easier and cheaper to hit the self serve junkyard on this one. that way the spring is already on and compressed. autozone has the service procedure on their site. basically its 5 bolts. check the tie rods first . mine were making an awful racket before i changed them too. you may have a spring problem instead of the strut too. stuff a towel in the spring and see if it muffles it.

I've replaced the ones on my Corolla a few years ago - they were definitely bad, one was to the point of leaking - but they didn't make much of a racket.

I would double check the suspension and steering bits before I can the strut. Like doubletrouble mentioned - could be the spring. Those rubber isolators (sort of like a gasket) between the springs and the strut assembly can sometimes completely wear away or even be missing. That will make a heck of a rattling, tapping noise if you go over a bump. A loose strut mount might also cause some issues - especially the upper pillow ball mount. That doesn't really have much provision to be greased other than whatever will fit under the dust cap - if dried up or had much of the grease washed away, could rattle like crazy.

If it is indeed a bad strut - really should be changed in axle pairs. Getting one for a pick and pull might be initially OK, but I wouldn't feel safe if any family members got a hold of the car. But that is my personal feeling on it - for a project car that you might put up for immediate sale - might be a different story.

check the ball joints. lift the car and lower it onto a jackstand under the control arm as near to the end as you can. lower the car down and load that corner of the suspension. now make sure the steering is unlocked and grab the wheel and try to shake it around. up down left right in out. then put a board or prybar under the wheel and pry it up sharply and have someone watch the ball joint. the joint, knuckle, and arm should all move. if only one part moves then the joint is bad.


I will have to jack it up and inspect.


Turned out to be a bolt out.

Must have fallen out - from the sliding brake arm.

Put another bolt in - problem solved.

Saved an expensive strut change with a simple inspection and bolt replacement.

You should always inspect, before bringing the car in, or buying replacement parts. (Advice to self and anyone else that it fits).


I plan on putting this 1995 up for sale soon.

I took pictures today and will post later.

I need to get car smogg'd to finish registration.

More to follow.


The car had dash lights that did not work and I thought I would end up changing the instrument cluster.

Turns out (after the third one) that the dimmer switch (rheostat) was bad.

The lights work great now, although the gear indicator light (in the center console) is out.


Heres some pictures -

The blue-green one is my 1994 and the white one is the 1995.


I am looking to purchase another 7th generation Corolla (1993-1997) to work on.

Preferably one that needs some engine/tranny/brake work.

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