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Imaginative Engine Designs

By tashirosgt, October 18, 2007

This is a very interesting site for those interested in alternatives to traditional engine designs:

It's surprising how many people have web pages that show heads with Somender grooves.

Thanks for the link - some interesting ideas there, also some way off base ones. It is funny to see that some have chosen to pickup certain thermodynamic principles that support their invention and dismiss the ones that do not. Can't really do that, at least in this universe.

Good point about the grooves - I've seen them done for years on some side valve engines - even on some gas powered lawn equipment. They supposedly demonstrated huge power gains in those older engines - but I'm still skeptical. I believe that most of the gains were actually from increasing the overall compression ratio - than more a more turbulent intake charge. Modern OHV setups are probably less likely to see any gains from this - as engineers have already spend many man months/years designing the appropriate flow.

A little while back, Mythbusters tested the possibility of a gunpowder-powered engine using several different designs from the 1600-1700s, as well as trying to get a modern 4-stroke engine to use gunpowder. Of course, it failed.


I like the concept of solar powered vehicles.

I think the sun will last longer than our petrified petroleum supply.

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