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By muzak, August 31, 2007

My friend's son works at the near-by Toyota plant in Cambridge and got a much better deal than his son could get through Toyota. My daughter works at Chrysler and can get a better deal from a dealer than she can through the employee discount. They don't seem to get much of a discount and I think that those rushing to buy when they see "pay what employees pay" are actually getting burned.

Good question - most of people I know say that employee pricing is generally a fixed percentage off the cars - some are based off of dealer cost, which would be a better deal in some cases.

I know that the military can get some pretty decent deals through there contacts - if you know someone, they could probably get you a pretty decent deal. Sometimes dealing with the dealer (owner) directly will yield the best deal - we did that with a fully loaded truck and talked them down from a $25,500 sticker price to $17,000 out the door price (about $7K below KBB dealer trade-in pricing) - paying with cash helps.


Employee pricing may be good, but no manufacturer will get less than a certain percentage of profit on any car.

The best deal you can get is when you buy a left-over stock and the dealer wants to make room for the new models.

You can negotiate and work a tough bargain.

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