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Ricers, Why Do They Always Im Me

By Bitter, June 29, 2007

sKiTtLeS r yUmAY: heysKiTtLeS r yUmAY: haha i saw u on sum forum thingy


sKiTtLeS r yUmAY: lol u know anything about exhuast?

Huzudra: which forum?

sKiTtLeS r yUmAY: club3g

Huzudra: k

sKiTtLeS r yUmAY: haha

sKiTtLeS r yUmAY: i have a xb

sKiTtLeS r yUmAY: i know i know its a box

sKiTtLeS r yUmAY: lol

sKiTtLeS r yUmAY: but i have a full echuast with a bomz racing muffler

sKiTtLeS r yUmAY: and it soudned amazing

sKiTtLeS r yUmAY: well i put headers on it

sKiTtLeS r yUmAY: and now it sounds like a freeking harley with a bada** muffler

sKiTtLeS r yUmAY: haha but the harley sound has to go is that what people r calling a rasp?


maybe i should have put this in the "Other Toyota" section. i hope he "drifts" right into the side of a parked squad car and gets it up the ###### in jail.

HaHa - that video on the end is priceless - you're right, one day that guy is going to get himself or others into an accident. A he calls that a drift - ROTHLMAO !!! - my kid can do better that on his 3-wheeled pedal powered Little Tikes trike. Should have told him to install some NOS stickers or similar - each little one adds like 5HP, bigger ones add more.

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