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Just Turned 200.000 Miles

By dadto5, May 21, 2007

Well, I'm impressed with my first Corolla. It's a '89 Station Wagon. Bought it for $600. Commute up to 150 miles/day and get at least 32mpg.

Only have had it 3 months, and the only thing I did was recharge the a/c and an oil change.

The kids love it default_wink . And so does my wife. When we got it I was looking for a Taurus wagon (with the jump seat), - Toyota ever make one?????. This has been such a pleasent experence I will most likly buy another Toyota in the near future.

So, from a former Ford guy.....I've been converted (don't tell my parents, they'll die). default_ph34r

Congratulations on your first Corolla--sweet car and even sweeter deal at $600! I still see a lot of '88s to '92s around Austin and Houston but they were all 4-door sedans; I haven't seen an '89 station wagon yet. Do you have any pictures of it?

My parents and I became a "Corolla family" after being impressed with the reliability and longevity of our 1982 two-door sedan.

I purchased a 1997 Corolla back in December for my girlfriend for $1,200. It already had 196,000 miles on it. So far been running strong at 202,000 miles. That car was the reason (besides gas prices) that I traded in my Ford Escape for a 2007 Corolla.

I would love to see my 07 in 2017 still running strong with 200k!


You bought your GF a car? Nice...

Never even considered buying my gf a car (when i was single...)... although some of them did get me parts for mine!


welcome to the club!


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