89 Corolla Le Problem

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when i try to give my car a lil more gas to go faster in a gear my revs go up but my car doesnt gain speed please help me and if i posted this in the wrong place please guide me to the right place


Need more info - Automatic or Manual transmission? This happens when going uphill or level ground? Miles on engine, tuneup recently, anything else that is out of the ordinary (funny sounds, bad gas mileage, smoke, etc.)?

uh manual it happens anytime i try to give the car some gas besides first gear....1789300miles idk about tune up maybe almost year ago when i got the inspeciton done other than that no tune up car kinda rattles after 45+ miles an hour not always though

Original clutch? Maybe just a simple case of a slipping clutch - could just be glazed. Do you notice any chattering when you start off in first gear from a dead stop? Revs going up but the speed not changing at all is a classic sign of a worn or glazed friction material, or worn spring on the pressure plate, or sticking clutch fork. Try double clutching and see if that changes anything at speed. If not - could just be time for a new one.

when its cold it chatters alil bit and idk if its the orginal clutch i got all the papers for it since its been in my family since new my dad seems to think the trans is starting to go out i hope not if it does i gotta buy a new car since i graduate 08 and go to college right after that anything else u think it could possibly be

i vote for new clutch, but jeeze that'll probably be as much as the car is worth default_tongue $300-500.