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Production Numbers?

By 954afe, April 11, 2007

im looking for a website that will tell me how many geo prizms and 1985 celica gts's were made in certain colors. anyone have any ideas? tried googling many times doesnt work

That would be some tough numebrs to come by. Best source would be to hit a library and look up some older Consumer Reports - as that was the only source that I could think off of the top of my head, that had any numbers on stats like that.

Toyota PR kits would be another - but harder to come by. Most automotive magazine just had vehicle specs and not production numbers, at least not all the time.

Be tough to find info like that on the web, unless someone has already taken the time to transcribe printed media to a webpage.

try this

do a web-based used car search over a large area; try to get a large data sample, say, of a few hundred. Then, manually go through the list and tabulate results. It won't tell you exact numbers of options etc but you can easily determine, say, what % of prizims were white. The using sales figures - which are probably a bit easier to come by for popular models, crunch the numbers and you get a rough figure.

After heeding my own advice, this is what I found.

*46 300 odd corollas were sold in australia during 2005.

*of these 46 300 corollas, about 15 400 were probably sedans

*of these 15 400 corolla sedans, about 11 700 were automatics

*of these 11 700 corolla sedan automatics, 1 300 were conquests

*of these 1,300 corolla sedan automatic conquests about 300 were white

now things get interesting...............

working on the assumption that corolla buying rates, as well as the purchasing rates for colours, trim etc are homogenous across the australian population, we can work out how many of these went where.....

Sydney: ~60


Newcastle area (where I was living when I bought the corolla):~4-5 (of which mine was one)

of course this is all a very rough approximation!

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