Good Place To Buy Wheels For Our Cars?

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I've got a couple bent wheels on my ride - I'm about ready to replace the damn things, anyone know a good place to source 3 or so? (I want a full sized spare too)

I'd like to just buy steel wheels unless i can find a full set of alloy for the cheap.

OEM alloys are not cheap at all, at least not for my 8th gen car. They cost me about $600 for all 4 wheels (I used my tax refund to play for them default_smile). This is probably different for the 9th gen, since its still in production and so are the wheels. Because I had to buy reproduction ones, aftermarket manufacturers like to jack up the price, knowing that its harder for me to replace them. Still, they were definately worth it. They shine beautifully in the sun after I clean them. I bought mine from

Try Ebay or Craig's List. If you can afford a few extra bucks go to you can get a nice wheel/tire combo for a decent price. That's what I'm gonna do next time I need new tires.

You could try a salvage yard and see if they have some used ones that would fit your car for cheap.

Why not just buy nice after market rims? When 3 of your wheels are damaged, hunting down stockers and paying for them is just silly. At some point, new just makes more sense.

Also, tire guys don't like messing with old rims when years of tire installs builds up around the rim from tire bead gunk. If you don't get someone who cares enough about their job to clean the lip up for you, you will not get a good seal on your rims. Too many guys just half arse it and don't do the job right. That would leave you with a leaky tire when driving down the road.

If you live in a climate where you don't need snow tires, then I'd go for some nice rims. If you go for the full size spare on mounted on your remaining good rim(s), then remember you may have to keep a different size socket in the trunk as some rims have different size nuts. Actually, my aftermarket rims use standard size nuts and the stock are the oddball. Here's the site where Toyota gets their rims from (in this area at least).