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just wanted to put some food for thought out there, im looking for sponser to help me make my autocross dreams come true, all money donated will be put into the car for autocross and or paying for autocrosses, inturn i will put stickers, banners, magnets of the business that is sponsering me, all money will be shown from recipt that it went into the car and results and pictures will be sent following each race, if you own or know of a business that would be intrested please let me know, id like to send them a letter or call and talk to them.

If you autocross at a SCCA or national/international sanctioned event - then just take a peek at their current sponsors, most will have forms that you can fill out to help sponsor you or provide some type of support.

If you are a member of some CC (Car Club) or some enthusiasts club - might make it easier to attract potential sponsors. of course - don't expect too much right off the back. Some sponsors will not even bite - even if you place in the top 10 in nationals, top 3 in regionals.

It will be tough - as many speed shops, shops, retailers, will be sponsoring their own drivers/cars. Autocross, though fun, just doesn't generate the revenue that these bigger venues can. Just keep pounding away - eventually, someone will notice.


ya tahts what im hoping, if im hoping to at least make it to a few road courses this were sponsered by nasa, i figure if i start asking now and stay persitant i think in a few years i will have my sponser, not expecting much now