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In case you were wondering whether I was still alive...

1) Updated to version 2.17 (no new features)

2) Set up trash can (viewable only by global mods) to aid spam detection

3) Investigating spam-assassin and/or Akismet style plugins


Greetings Dave. Glad you are still alive, indeed. Thanks for the updates, too.


Were you gone?


Hey, the invision power board Update was a good idea..i saw it was a security update.

Still holding down the fort. No complaints yet?

Thanks for the upgrade. We (Nillinois and I) are doing our best to keep the SPAM at bay, but sometimes it is hard to do, although recently it has calmed down to one or two a day.

Just today I deleted 2 pieces of SPAM. One was for laptops from a dubious looking site. The other was a Phishing expedtion from some Russian girl saying, "I want to use this dating site and I have money to pay for it but I have no credit card, can someone give me their credit card number and I money order you the cash" Yeah right. I hope no one on here would ever respond to anything like that, but just in case they would, I feel it is my responsibility as a moderator to delete it.

Anyhow, thanks for the upgrade and thanks to MAX, Fishexpo101, and the other 4 people who alerted me to the laptop post earlier this morning.