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Removing Lint

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I recently bought a 2003 Toyota Corolla S and would appreciate any suggestions on removing white lint that appears on the cloth seats as well as the cloth portions of the doors without scratching any parts.


packing tape

You can buy a velcro cleaner for a couple of bucks - works well or you can buy a wide roll of masking tape and wrap a couple of turns around your hand sticky side out and pat the upholstery . Really gets out the stubborn stuff .

Packing tape? Velcro cleaner? These are great suggestions. Thank you. On the Velcro cleaner, where could I pick it up? The stores I have where I live are Auto Zone, a chain. Wal Mart, Kmart and Home Depot and Lowes. Would I find it there?

You can get a lint roller. It's just a wide roll of masking tape on a handle. You use it for a while, then tear off the top layer. Then you're ready to go again.

Walmart and Kmart would have the velcro cleaner . The one I use looks like a flat plastic handle with velcro on both sides .

I was just at Kmart this morning. Next time I go back I'll look for it. Thanks for the advice.

Hi all,

New here, but I thought I'd add my $0.02. A pet hair brush (one that removes pet hair from furniture) works very well on velour seats. Just make sure to brush in the correct direction.