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I have a 94 corolla. I want to buy 16x7" wheels , but I don't know how to size the lugs. I couldn't find this information anywhere. I am doing this to help my traction issues that I have been having recenlty. I also wanted to know if aftermarket suspension would help.

Depending on where you get your wheels from - they may come with the correct lugs. Just make sure that you have the correct backspacing.

Most aftermarket alloys wheels use "tuner" lugs - much narrower style than the OEM acorn lugs. But since you asked - OEM lugs are 12mmx1.5.

Aftermarket suspension would complement the wider wheels well - just depends on what you are after - balance front and rear, more aggressive ride height, straight line performance, etc.

Hard to believe you are having "traction" issues, unless you mean relative cornering performance. Also keep in mind that tire performance is dependant on compound of the tire as well. You'd be quite suprised at what a better performance tire will do in the stock OEM size or PLUS Zero size.

I switched from OEM 14x5.5 wheels to 16x7 for better cornering and handling, then back to 14x5.5 wheels. With the better compound tires that I have on them now - I can easily maintain the same cornering attitude and speeds that I could with the wider wheels. Plus I get much improved performance in nastier weather, better steering feedback (14" tires are lighter than 16" tires + a lot cheaper) and increase in overall fuel economy to boot.

If you want to get aftermarket wheels, then 15" rims might be enough. It's getting to the point that 16" rims are becomming the norm, and many more tires come in 16" tires. You can still get performance 15" tires tho.

I have a 92 Mitsu Galant VR4 and I still use the stock rims. I have 205-55-15s that are summer performance Z+W tires that can take VERY aggressive corners on a car that weights 3350lbs. So you can get great tires on 15" rims still. Just hit up or and look up your options.

You will probably have to buy the lugs along with new rims. Alloy rims take different lugs then steel rims and you need to have the right ones. Discount Tires is probably the best national chain to get tires from. They are way better then NTB, Sears, ect. They are the only ones allowed to touch my cars default_smile

hey smashinghead. if you are needing the lug pattern, all 4 lug corollas use 4X100 pattern, by far the most common, making wheels easy to find.