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By Guest pez, July 8, 2005 in Pre-1997 Toyota Corolla and Geo Prizm

Guest pez

Hello all,

I'm acquiring a base 1997 5 speed Corolla in a few days. I understand it's a very reliable, decent little car - but I'm accustomed to my power options such as power windows, locks, mirrors, etc. I'd like to add power locks and windows if it's not too difficult. Also, it's a 5 speed and doesn't have a tach! Now, I definitely don't want an aftermarket tach, but if it's possible to swap a higher-end cluster in without much difficulty, that would be great.

So, here we go:

1. for power locks, what's involved? Can the actuators be pulled from a car with power locks easily and installed? What about the switches - are there already cutouts in the door panels, or are new door panels required? Also, is the wiring in place, and are there any additional control units that need to be installed?

2. for power windows - same deal as the locks - can the motors be installed somewhat easily to existing manual window regulators, or is the whole regulator assembly required? What about wiring, switches, and possible control units?

3. for the tach - would a higher end cluster from the same year be plug and play? What about setting the odometer correctly? I don't want to tamper with the reading, but I guess the new cluster will have to have the odometer reset to the correct reading....

Power mirrors would be nice too, but aren't required... Does the Corolla have heated mirrors available? I've had those for a few years and they're great in the winter...


You can do it - but will be some work to get it done.

Best way is to get a donor car to transplant the wiring, switches, and motor/regulators.

Door panels will have to be modified or replaced with donor panels (otherwise you iwll end up with a hold where the window crank is now and the arm rest will look homemade).

Power door locks will be the same deal - add the switch gear (no guarantee that wiring will be in there) and servos.

Cluster is the easiest swap - most are plug and play. Grab a cluster fro mthe same year with tach and swap them out. You will retain the mileage from the donor cluster unless you move your odo from the existing cluster to the donor one. Not hard to do - once you have them in front of you, it will be very apparent on what you need to do.

Remote power mirrors - same deal as the doors and windows. You also have good aftermarket support on these items. Heated mirrors were not an option on the 7th generation Corolla - but you should be able to find some aftermarket mirrors if you really need them.

Thats is a lot of work, it would cheaper to sell the base Corolla and find another Corolla that has the options you want

Guest pez

I understand that, and of the things I've mentioned I'll probably just end up doing the power locks... As far as selling this car and getting another Corolla - not going to happen. If I sell this, I'd be getting a 2003+ Grand Marquis LS w/HPP...

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