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2000 Corolla specs anyone?

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I was planning in installing a new sound system in my 2000 toyota corolla ce, but i need some more info on the electrical system in the toyota. I know the altenator in the 2000 corolla is a 80 amp altenator, but don't know how much of that ampage the electrical system uses. I know if I install amplifiers in my car that will use a substantial amount of power. I plan on installing a system about 500 watts or so. Any help will be most appreciated.

I'm don't believe that there is much difference between the 2000 and 2002 model Corollas - but I remember reading somewhere that the engine will pull about 20 or so amps while running. I've ran 500W amps without much trouble - but did have a capacitor running to the amplifier. Typically, a car can run a 350W amplifier without any major modifications to the electrical system. Probably can't hurt to run a better battery as well - never know when you might need the extra reserve capacity - especially when you have short distance commutes and the battery doesn't get a chance to charge up.

Hey thanks for the info. I'll see what i can get doing this week with the sound system. Thanks again!


In any case, the specs ARE posted at