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1989 Carbuerated Corolla Performance

By Guest 89corollale, November 9, 2003 in Pre-1997 Toyota Corolla and Geo Prizm

Guest 89corollale

I have a 1989 Corolla LE. It's four door and carbuerated. Is there anywhere I can get performance parts like bigger carb, air filter and exhaust? Thanks I'm planning on making a 13-15 sec sleeper. default_biggrin

You'll probably need a machien shop ot make mounting brackets. Btu a good start is to find out what brand of carbs they are. You might be able ot go straight ot that vendor and go up 3 or 4 mm. I'm not sure however how much HP the bottom end of thsi motor can take. If you get much over 150HP, it might digest itself.

You also could check if a Toyota model from that same year used the same style carbs with similar mounting locations.

Otherwise check out SCCA autocross racing websites. Some of the racers may have mods for these.

Last thought... I'm guessing the carbs are the typical single throttle body, 2 or 4 barrel type.... maybe you should consider measuring the cylinder spacing and finding a set of maybe 36mm-40mm motorcyle carbs, then cut up the existing intake manifold to leave short 20-30mm long intake runners Then you could even use spacers to adjust the length of the intake runners for tuning. Then shave the heads a few mm and advance the ignition, tune the exhaust. Hopefulyl your fuel pump is up to supplying that much fuel, but that might need an upgrade.

Probably more than you're looking to do, but if done right it might see 140HP or so.

After all this (and $5000+ later), you'll either blow the engine, roast the clutch, or snap a halfshaft within 6 months almost guaranteed.

But that's just my opinion.

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