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Found 10 results

  1. Hi. Yesterday I was out driving my Corolla. I was on a stretch of open highway. I decided to see how fast it would go. I put the "pedal to the metal" and the car accelerated to 90. At that point, I chickened out. Why? Because every little bump on the road felt like a giant bump. I felt that I might lose control of the car if I went any faster. Folks: please tell your stories of how fast you have gone or would go in your Corollas. You may have more courage / foolhardiness than I do. How fast do these things go anyway?
  2. HI everybody! I am from the Philippines. I recently bought a 1990 Corolla. I drove it two nights ago in the highway, just running a mere 100kph. When I slowed down since I am exiting the highway, the engine stalled. I kept on starting the engine but to no avail. I called my wife and told her to bring our van so we could tow the Corolla. The next morning, I tried starting the Corolla and it did start with no problem at all. COULD THIS BE DUE TO THE CARBURETOR GOT FLOODED WITH GAS WHILE I WAS DRIVING FAST? OR COULD IT BE DUE TO A DEFECTIVE COIL? The battery is just 6 months old. Also, the car
  3. My 95 corolla(base)'s front right turn signal blinks much faster when I turn on the right turn signal, and the rear right signal won't work at all. But the left turn signals(both rear and front) work just fine. What could the problem be? Just a blown bulb? Or a short circuit somewhere? Will replacing both the right turn signal bulbs work? Thanks.
  4. alright so a little while ago i got clear corner lenses on my 2000 totyota corolla, well the stock ugly orange led lights were the next thing to go, so i got clear leds that light up amber, so now my turn signal flashes a lot faster then it should, i bout load resistors but while looking at the wiring harness i saw 3 wires, i have no idea which ones to hook it up to, there was a white/black, green/black, and a green.. i already hooked one resistor up to the green/black/green as a guess and it didn't work.. any help would be appreciated =]
  5. come on, let's be honest, what's the fastest you've been in your corolla?
  6. Among many other things. It first started out as a slight knock, and while driving it into my garage to take a look at it, the first cylinder's piston and rod blew, leaving pretty much nothing behind. Thankfully, it didn't really hurt the block or cylinder. After that happened, I replaced the head, all 4 rods(bearing, rod, cap, piston), and a few other minor things. I finally got it up and running again, and then I ran into a problem with the connecting rod bearing on the first cylinder. It was giving over twice the amount of clearance it should have been, so I had to replace it with an ove
  7. Server is nice. Hope this lasts.
  8. What year corolla: What is 1/4 mile: What Mods:
  9. Well, i've been thinking about it and i wanna make my corolla faster. Maybe run a 15 lol. Anyways, the only parts short of a turbo i can think of are underdrive pulleys, a muffler, and cold air intake. I figured that may only get me to about 145 hp, my goal is 150? I also thought about dropping on a carbon fiber hood. Any suggestions to get some more hp or lighten my car some>?
  10. Last weekend we went to New Orleans, I just replaced the engine oil and filter in walmart in June. We met a shower in New Orleans,go to Burger King for a lunch. When we came out, the car began to get some choking whirling sound from time to time. I checked the oil level , maybe it was low or something, I don't remember. The second day the sound still exist, and I checked the engine oil again it is total gone. We added 3 qt Castrol GTX 10W30 and all things seemed normal, no more choking sound. When we came back to home, I found there are a lot smoke in rear bumper. I observed the exhaust
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