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Found 8 results

  1. I own a 02" Corolla with 2ZZ-GE engine. About a year (12 000km) ago I have rebuild engine myself. Manual gearbox was rebuilt too, but by service guy. After rebuild everything was working fine, except for unusually noisy gearbox. Recently, about a week ago engine started to knock silently, and knock is more loud every day. Knock is audible only on acceleration from low rpm's (like 600), and almost disappears at about 1500 rpm. More engine load generates louder knock. The knock sounds like diesel engine, or tapping two wooden sticks. There is no knock at higher rpm's and engine easily accel
  2. I have a Toyota 20-r engine it has a 5 speed manual transmission. What year? not sure. I think it was out of a truck. What I would like to know what type of Automatic tranny would bolt up to the existing 20-r engine.
  3. 2009 toyota corolla engine noise i have started this car after 30 days. initally there was no noise then i'm getting this noise. engine oil and water level is ok.
  4. Hello, I am new to this forum, and even without being a member in the past, I have got a lot of help from the amount of information here. This time around, I have encountered codes that I need more help with. I got the codes from Midas Auto in Atlanta. I am aware of the problems associated with the codes themselves (though I am not sure what the B is for). P0446 : Evaporative Emission control system Vent control circuit P0441 : Evaporative emission control system incorrect purge flow I noticed the problem for the first time yesterday morning, and coincidentally (?), I had fil
  5. Copied From Automotive News LOS ANGELES -- Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. Inc. has quietly settled a class-action lawsuit that covers about 3.5 million Toyota and Lexus vehicles that may have been damaged by engine oil sludge. Details of the settlement, which allows for third-party mediation of sludge claims rejected by Toyota, have been mailed to 7.5 million current and previous owners. Critics contend Toyota has told customers and dealers too little about sludge issues. They say some customers took vehicles with dead engines to dealers who had little or no knowledge of the problem and of
  6. There are more and more reports about engine fires in the sludge-affected vehicles. What is causing these fires? We know that the sludge-affected vehicles are prone to excessively high engine temperatures. The oil is essentially baking inside the engine. Some engines have shown excessive fuel in the engine oil, too. Care to comment? Autoresearcher Below is a recent Toyota Sienna owner account of an engine fire. What could have happened if the nieghbor did not notify the driver of this vehicle? I know of one case where a woman was burned severely when this occurred in her Sienna.
  7. Is Toyota Genuine Oil really from Toyota? Or from some other engine oil company? Just wondering if I would get the SAME quality from a cheaper brand.
  8. I was wondering what could cause a check engine light to go on a 2004 toyota corolla with 9400 miles on it.. the car seems to be running efficently and i checked the gas cap.. any ideas Brad owner 1987 Toyota Corolla 212,000 and still going 2000 Toyota Corolla 47,000 miles
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