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  1. In order to replace the timing chain tensioner do you have to remove the valve cover to force the plunger release? Is there a simpler way?
  2. 1) I only get a forward thrust 2 wheel alignment (I think that is what it is called) 2) I only do an alignment when I replace my tires. 3) I rotate my tires at around every 12-15k miles. anything less you'll spend more money on rotations than if you never rotated them and only replace them when they wear out. 4) you can get uneven tire wear from improperly inflated tires. WHERE IS YOUR EXTRA TIRE WEAR???? edge? or middle?
  3. I did a search and didn't find much of anything so here are a few questions. Has anybody done the timing chain tensioner o-ring? Is it just remove the two nuts and it comes out?? or is it more complicated than that? Do I just replace the O-ring or do I have replace the whole part? Are there any adjustments needed?
  4. 2005 are drive by wire. if you have an auto transmission you just have to plug in the cruise control stalk. a third party will sell this for around $45. if you are manual stick driver you need to spend a few extra bucks for the switch for the clutch pedal.
  5. Dorman you are right-- that is the power steering pump. Links are to the images of the car. I was unable to insert images. first picture is the pink crust. It isn't where the repair manual says the weep holes are. pink crust next two pictures are regarding the oil leak. It does look to be in the area of the timing chain tensioner assy. but it looks like it may be the seal of the timing chain cover. whatcha' think? 1st is under the car photographing up oil leak from bottom 2nd is on top of the engine photographing down/side. oil leak from top/back What does it take to replace the O rings? (just remove both bolts or a lot more complicated than that?)
  6. I noticed a pink crust under the water pump covering what I assume is the weep hole. How much time do I have until it starts to really drip/leak out. Can I do the work myself? or is it too tight of a spot to do. Plus I have an oil leak which is dripping on the ground and the oil is covering my ?a/c compressor? not sure--- it is in the far back, by the firewall and at the bottom. got an idea if the gasket is leaking on the engine or something else??? FYI I have 70k on my rolla. other is brake time-- got any recommendations on front brakes pads and rotors?
  7. To help diagnosis the problem 'child' use a hollow tube and put it near each pulley , etc.. if you hear the noise really well then that is your problem child. Disclaimer this has to be done while the engine is running and belt spinning. be careful not to get the tube caught anywhere. It could hurt you or your engine if it does. If the noise goes away at certain times of operation... just try replacing the belt and see if that fixes your noise issue. (belt slippage is common)
  8. I finally concluded I am in denial. I need new brakes and the sensor is scraping. I wonder if noise number 2 will go away once I change the brakes. Side question-- Are duralast rotors and duralast ceramic pads any good (and quiet?)
  9. I use one quart Mobil 1 and the balance is dino (Valvoline 5w30). My custom blend and have yet to have a problem with an engine (knock on wood) A friend is an engineer in the automotive industry and said- just having one quart syn with standard oil gives nearly equal lubrication to being fully synthetic. You'll see some people say that as long as you do regular oil changes, you'll be fine with non synthetic as long as you use modern oil (is it @ SM now?)
  10. I have an 04 corolla w/ 62k miles with aftermarket alloy rims. I am hearing two types of noises with the window down (not terribly noticeable with windows up) noise #1 is a scraping/ scratching noise which starts around 15MPH. Other note it can be heard even when I lightly apply the brakes, but goes away when I do standard braking. (I suspect it isn't brake noise since I can hear it when I do some braking.) I do not think it is the warning scraper on the brake pads since it goes away when I do apply standard braking. Does the corolla have front bearing that need greasing? any idea where it could be coming from? I suspect it is front end noise. Maybe I am wrong and I am ready for brakes. Noise #2 is a wooring noise. It goes in and out like a warped tire or something. it is noticeable when I turn the car to the left (road bends to the left). when I straighten out the noise goes away. When I drive the car straight there typically no noise. If I turn to the right (meaning road bends to the right ) there is no noise. I suspect it is coming from the front passenger wheel (right wheel). Any ideas? footnote: I don't think I have ABS. (CE Model)
  11. I will try to attach a link to the drive-by-wire system picture. just look for it above the petal. Image
  12. Toyota Red

    Go blow a few extra dollars and go buy some Toy Red from the Stearlership. I have heard they use specific chemistries for their cars. My 1.5 cents.
  13. Do a search - you'll see other stories similar to yours. I replaced my belt in my 04 (was doing the same thing your's is) I put in a gatorback and it has been quiet ever since. I was going to do the tensioner thing too, but since replacing the belt or taking it off is so simple, I figure I would try the belt first before I starting replacing parts. Since the startup was quiet, nothing else was needed to be fixed. My tensioner was tough to 'move'. I guess that should of been my sign that it was still good. You'll notice a lot posters mention how Toyota OM belts glaze quickly/easily. regarding your cracking-- the warmer and or dryer your part of the country- the quicker cracking can/will happen. cracking is a natural occurrence with a used/warn belt. The belt costs around $25-27 and can be ordered online or purchased locally. try advance auto parts, rock auto, or any other websites mentioned on this site. call your local auto parts places for price quotes.
  14. This guy has 3 other posts with multiple issues. why not fix the others before you start trying to improve your MPG. seems odd, I have never seen someone post so many problems is such a short time period (maybe I am mistaken).

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