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  1. Rockauto has inexpensive replacements. Thats was my fix!
  2. Very true, I had a 98 3 speed auto and even BG (the king of flush shops) didn't know!!!! I had to prove it to them after some serious prodding. I had just had my trans flushed at one of their shops, and they told me that the fluid was shared. Then I found evidence at a Toyota place. In the end I met with a corp tech guy at the same shop, and they discovered that my diff fluid was black and the trans fluid was red. A radio show host agreed with them, but changed his position. Now they charge 30 bucks for a "Diff service"!
  3. Can you put Max Life over the factory fluid?
  4. Sonix

    No Start?

    Looks like I overreacted. Battery and alternator are both good! Today it started better than yesterday, I drove/charged if for a whole hour. A mechanic said it looked like the motor bay got doused with a lot of the road slush the highway department makes with it's chemicals to melt the ice on a road. And I am in fear of cleaning the motor to get rid of the rest of the yellow water.
  5. Sonix

    No Start?

    I'm not done with startagetton yet but for an update today it cranked fine and started on the second try. It will idle now too! So this afternoon I will replace the plugs, but it might be my imagination, I think I can smell a faint electrical burning smell. Or not. When determining if the belt is bad is it's tightness a symptom? If so it's ok and about 2 years old. There are no shops willing to look at it because of all the people who just let their car sit until it got warmer, and I think the toe shops aren't answering the plans like the ones that ATT and State Farm sell! No batteries at all in Walmart and Advanced Auto. If I get a hold of a volt meter how does that work. Measure (for values) without the car running, then again while running?
  6. Sonix

    No Start?

    Belt is good to go, and battery is now dry. I might of stumbled on what might of happened. My neighbor noticed a yellowish stuff that has now melted, so that might of caused the whole fiasco. I think it's from the salt trucks, I had an inch and a half of it that coated the whole car. Never again!!!! Battery 2 years old. I'll put a new belt in it, they are cheep and easy to install. Btw, what are the signs that an alternator is going south. I'm still going to put new plus in her. Thanks, so far, I always appreciate some hard to come by advice!
  7. Sonix

    No Start?

    Thanks, still sitting because of the cold! Sounds like a plan, they were soaked and dripping, so was the battery! WD dried the coils and thats when it started. I drove it 50 miles with it starting ok. Is wd ok to use on the battery, if so I'll do it now. Btw, any chance that the alternator is going up? It did start week, but that might be water that I haven't found yet. I called a tow company early in the morning, and they called me back last night at 10PM. Must be the 40mph winds combined with 3 Degrees.
  8. Sonix

    No Start?

    98 rolla was stuck in the NY storm last week, and I got it pulled out. The next day it wouldn't start so I called a jump service, and he said that there was shorting all around my distributor. I don't believe I have one because of the coils on the plugs, but when I asked him to use the key and try again, he declined. I just wanted to see the arching! After he left I sprayed WD-40 to get the water to go away. It worked, but the next day it turns over, but wont start! Any suggestions? Btw, it's 3 degrees around here with the wind chill of -22.
  9. I've had that noise for over 11 years on mine, but I just ignore it and it ignores me. Does yours blink the high beam indicator light to, and go away when you turn the lights on?
  10. UPDATE: Can't kill it, just won't die! 25,000 more miles on three cylinders, and running (~) fine! 30MPG too.
  11. Get a second opinion, in some cases it can be fiction, or a job that can be put off for some time. I wonder what made his opinion, so thats why I recommend getting the 2nd opinion. In any case shop the job, some mechanics will do it for much less because they know you are shopping v being intimidated.
  12. What does that cost? You asked, so I give you some info ($23.00~):
  13. Most engine damage is done at startup, synthetics are the best game in town if you want to keep you car when it gets a lot of miles on it. Even at 70 degrees F damage happens.
  14. Having your oil analyzed makes the most sense, you can see what shape your oil is at 5,000 miles!