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  1. I bought an '01 CE in May '04 for $13k Canadian, which was probably about $10k US at the time. Absolutely bullet proof. No problems. I swear I could drive from Toronto to Buenos Aires and back without a worry in the world. Forgetaboutit - buy it.
  2. What do you expect when you buy a GM product? You're lucky the car didn't blow up and burn you alive.
  3. Tercel-> Echo -> Yaris 3 different cars all within just an 8 year span. That's not good. Alot of the time a car gets renamed is because its precedessor went down the tube. Just look at the new Ford Fusion. A decent car, nothing spectacular, but not many consumers realize its the successor that dismal failure called the Taurus. If Ford kept the Taurus name for the Fusion, they might as well have just closed another plant. The Tercel was decent, but its sales were slumping by the end since people were going more towards the larger (and better looking) Corollas. Toyota tried the "Echo", another failed attempt at a sporty little car. My guess is that the Yaris isn't going to succeed any more than the Fit or the Versa. I wouldn't say the Yaris is "WAY too small". After all, its larger in dimensions than my 8th gen Corolla, but subcompact cars have just gone out of style in America. I think that you're being a bit hard on the Taurus. It was a very successful car in the eighties and early ninteties. Ford messed it up with the "green bean" design, but then it improved again in recent years. At one point it was the best selling car in Canada. I have ridden in Taurus cabs with 500,000 km and the cab drivers say it was a good car. For the money the Taurus was probably a better value than a Camry. I mean for $3,000 less I would rather buy a Taurus. A used Taurus is a great value. You can get a beautifal car for $15k Canadian. I'm talking loaded - leather seats, etc. While I hold no brief for domestics, I think that the quality issue is overblown. The Taurus was fairly reliable.
  4. The only criticism of the Tercel I ever heard was that it wasn't safe in collisions - which is probably true of all small cars. I think that it was a very sound vehicle in all other respects. Toyota replaced it for marketing reasons - the appearance was a bit tired. They tried the Echo and that wasn't too successfu - it looked weird but it was a good car - and the Yaris is a tweaking of the Echo. It is all based on marketing. MOst people buy cars based on marketing not on rational criterea.
  5. I disagree. I think that the Yaris looks good. Look at the competition. The Honda Fit is ugly. So is the Nissan versa, the Chevy Aveo, and almost all the other subcompacts. I think that Toyota is going to dominate this sector on looks alone. I mean what was Honda thinking - that thing is hideous. It is probably a good car as it is a Honda but I couldn't stomach it every day.
  6. At my local dealership they keep a 1969 Corolla. It is tiny. About half the size of a modern Corolla. Although we talk about the various generations of Corolla as if they were all the same car, they really aren't. Same name, totally different car. The original Corolla was a small, no frills, econobox with a tiny engine. The new Corolla is a mid size car which comes with leather seats and a sunroof and many other luxuries. The real successor to the '69 Corollas is the Yaris, not the Corolla. Much more comparble in size and features. Therefore my conclusion: - the modern Corolla is the bastard child of the Camry from 20 years ago - very similar in size! - the Yaris is the bastard child of the first Corollas. All this business of names and badging is just PR. The reality is that they are all different cars from one generation from the next. Who's your daddy?
  7. IMHO all pre 7 generation Corollas look like crap. Boxy, flimsy looking, ugly. You have to go back to the late sixties to find a nice one. I hate the one from the early 90s, with the headlights that pop up.
  8. It didn't try to go to the extreme in design, or it would have gone down the tube like that pathetic looking 3rd gen Ford Taurus. The 8th gen was the furthest extent of both classical and modern design You're right about the 3rd gen Taurus. Ugly! Windows shaped like green beans. Whoever designed it must have been smoking tobacco. Along with the Pontiac Aztec, one of the ugliest cars ever. It's too bad because the original Taurus was a very nice design. --The 9th gen is (again, in my opinion) overdesigned in every way. Its too tall and too bulky looking. Toyota has tried too hard to make the Corolla into something its not. Yes there are alot of awful designs out there for Toyota to compete with like the Honda Civic, but that doesn't mean Toyota has to follow them! Exactly my view. Overdesigned is the word. Too big. I mean it is not a small car. When I see a Corolla I often think its a Camry. I don't see how you can call it a small car. Its not. It's almost as big as the Camry was fifteen years ago. And the new Camry - practically a truck.
  9. One that always strikes me is the similarity between the Protege and the Generation 7 / 8 Corolla. I mean its unbelievable. It looks like one company deliberately copied the other - I don't know which one is first. I would seriously consider a claim for copyright infringement. I challenge anyone to name two cars from different companies as similar to each other as the Corolla and the Protege. The trouble with the Corolla 9 and the Mazda 3 is that they aren't "real" compacts. "Real" compacts are modest cars meant for single mothers / school teachers / social workers. They aren't supposed to be sports cars or to have any such pretensions. The new Civic goes even farther down this road. The styling is far too extreme. Have you noticed the angle of the front windshield. Radical! Too radical for the people who buy the cars. Car enthusiasts and designers may have troble understanding this, but not everyone wants a sports car. Many people don't really like cars and just buy them because they need one. That is the Corolla market by and large. Basic transportation. The most egregious example of the current trend towards overstyling is the Dodge Caliber. The front end is outrageous! If I wanted a pick up truck I would buy one. Chrysler now no longer makes a compact car. The Caliber is a station wagon / sports car / pick up truck meld. How many social workers will buy one. Chrylser apparently is under the impression that fourteen year old boys are a large section of the car buying market.
  10. The 7th generation was the classic Corolla look. Modest and functional. The current generation has tried hard to become more sporty and appealling. The big change was from 8 to 9. They decided that they needed big changes so the car got a lot bigger and sporty. Mazda did the same thing by moving from the Protege to the Mazda 3.
  11. Hi. I read somewhere that I am supposed to change the oil every six months. But when I last changed it, the dealership attached a sticker to my windshield which said that I need a change at about 65k. By the time I reach 65k, it will be much more than six months since my last oil change. Should I do it every six months or at the mileage level suggested by the dealership. Thanks.
  12. Extensively damaged cars are often rebuilt and then sold by unscrupulous used car dealers - the guys on the corner lots with the bright red sports Jackets. The rebuilt cars are rife with problems - most importantly safety problems. The crash zones and other devices have been compromised and may not work right if there is a second accident. There is also the mechanical problems. We have all had the experience of taking something apart and when we put it back together it isn't quite the same. This goes for cars too. The moral of the story: only buy a used car from a reputable dealership.
  13. I did research in books and magazines like Consumer Reports. I went on line and asked mechanics for their opinions. I talked to people I knew. My conclusion was that Toyota is very reliable. Reliability was my most important factor. I do NOT want to be stranded on the side of the road and miss an important meeting. I also decided that buying used is more economical than buying new. My used '01 had only 30k on it, so it has a lot of juice left in it. I wanted a compact to drive in our crowded city with limited parking. I test drove all the compacts (Sentra, Focus, Neon etc.) and I couldn't really tell the difference in terms of drive quality. So I bought a Corolla. Regrets? Not really the car runs perfectly. The only disappointment is that the Corolla isn't the most sport vehicle. You see the new vehicles on the road and you crave a new vehicle. Like the new Dodge Charger, or the Chevy Malibu. Everyday, I have to fight against the irrational impulse to buy a new sportier car. I am trying not to be a victim of advertising. I've had my Corolla for two years now and I want to hold out for five years. If I was buying another car now, I would move up to the mid size class. I kind of like the new Ford Fusion.
  14. Admittedly the Corolla is a good car, but aren't you overly loyal? I mean you have bought six or seven of them. Aren't you curious to try something different. A Civic? A Sentra? Even a Hyundai! Why the extreme loyalty, Howard. Jim.
  15. White looks terrible. Too institutional looking. Also gets dirty all the time. Like a dirty ambulance. That plum colour on the seventh generation is an abomination. Undignified. Colours that look good: champagne, dark blue, red, black. Silver is boring.