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  1. I have a feeling that they will rule it as burning oil. I just talked to them and they say it seems fine in the morning but rides rough in the afternoon. So they think it has something to do with temperature. As for parts. Their putting all my original parts back in if it doesn't fix it. I guess I'll have to take it to a Toyota shop to fix it. I just didn't want to pay the outrages price they charge. They wanted $80.00 to just hook my car up to the machine. What a bunch of crooks.
  2. My engine light went on, and my car is also shuttering a little. The people at Autozone hooked up their hand held device and told me that one of my cylinders was misfiring. With the advise from people in this forum I took my 2000 corolla to a real mechanic. They've told me the error messages says that cylinder 3 is misfiring. They've replaced the plugs and the coils. Its still acting up. It also goes through a lot of oil. The mechanics have had it in their shop for 4 days, trying to figure out whats going on. Any idea? Thanks
  3. The tips on spark plugs I pulled out looked really bad. Three of them were white and corroded. The other one was black. I've noticed that with the new plugs the car seems to drive smoother. Though it still seams to idle roughly. Especially after I just start it up. It continues until I press the gas. Then it seems to be fine. If I come to a light or stop sign and sit for a while, its starts to idle roughly again.
  4. I have a 2000 Corolla. When my engine light went on I went to the local Autozone to have it checked out. The dealership wanted $80.00 just to hook my car up to the computer. Autozone does it for free. Anyway, the computer says a couple of cylinders are misfiring. I replaced all 4 spark plugs. Erased the code, and now the engine light is back. I'm not sure what it could be. The spark plugs are new. 2000 and later models don't have spark plug wires. I'm clueless.
  5. I don't know whats going on. My 2000 corolla starts to shutter and shake around 60 mph. It gets progressively worse the faster I go. When I decelerate to 55 everything is fine. My car just passed the 121,000 mark.
  6. Yes I ment 3,000-4,000 miles. I was wrong about the miles. My corolla actually is 106K miles. My wifes car is 180K. About synthetic oil. I was told that if I put synthetic oil in, I won't be able to put regular oil in again. It foams up or something. Is that true, or is it an urban myth. Thanks
  7. When did you start noticing the oil consumption? I have on and off for almost a year. It has just gotten worse in the past few months. Have you pulled the plugs to see how they look? No. What should I look for? What kind of maintenance has the car seen? Regular Oil changes, in the shop a few times trying to find out what the problem with the oil is. Mileage? 180,000 What kind of oil do you use, I've been using 5w-30 change it yourself, I take it to the shop to have it done. what kind of oil change intervals are you looking at? Every 30,000 -40,000 miles Drivability questions - how does the car run, pretty good aside from the oil consumption? Its smoth when oil is in there. Fuel economy changed or fluctuated wildly since you've had the car? It's pretty much stayed around 30-33mpg Ever had the compression tested? No. Where would I have that done? Ever had the oil tested (used oil analysis)? No. Where would I have that done? Coolant test. No. Where would I have that done? Do you think and oil like shell rotella would work? Of all the oil additives, which do you think works the best?
  8. I generally check the dip stick when ever I put oil in. The dip stick has been dry the last fiew times. Because of the way my car goes through oil, I never know when to put it in until the oil light goes on. How would I check to see if its collecting in the catalytic converter?
  9. I have a 2000 corolla that is eating oil for some reason. There are no signs of an oil leak (puddle of oil) or burning oil (smell, and smoke). I've already replaced the PCV valve. I have to put in a couple of quarts every month, otherwise my engine starts makeing a fast grinding noise. My wonderful corolla is turning into a money pit with all the oil I have to put in it. Does anyone have any thoughts, because I am clueless. Thanks