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  1. Geo Idle

    The throttle cable and stop are fine. Could I have a vacuum leak even though the engine has 22 inches of vacuum? If so, how would I track it down? Thanks.
  2. Geo Idle

    Car: 1995 Geo Prizm, AT, 1.8 L Problem: With car in park, car idles at 1900 RPM until it warms up (about 5 minutes) then the idle is approximately 1000 RPM. I'm lost as I believe the IAC and MAP are working properly and the car is pulling 22 inches of vacuum. If I cover the air bypass to the IAC in the throttle body, the car seems to run fine hot and cold. Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. Interesting that you mention the stuck thermostat, because that was the same with my car. I didn't even notice it, but with the timing belt change he installed new water pump and thermostat and I found the car was warming up a lot faster. So far no changes to the noise, I might just live with it for awhile, and poke around a bit myself someday. If I ever have it serviced again, I might just go ahead and have those other two motor mounts changed. If nothing else the new rubber vs 14 year old rubber should change the resonant frequency a bit. That, and some settlling-in may have been what happened the first time I thought this was resolved. Meanwhile I may starting looking for a low-miles lease return Corolla or Camry to show up on a nearby dealer's online inventory. I am still working on tracking down the souce of my vibration and am running out of options. Yesterday I checked the compression which was fine and last weekend I replaced the rear motor mount which was totally shot. I have replaced both the front and rear mounts but am thinking they may have failed because of this vibration. The vibration is still there with the new mounts. I have spent so much time trying to track down (I won't begin to list everything I have checked) this problem that I am not about to give up yet especially since everything is telling me that the motor is mechanically sound. I can't believe someone else with a similar problem can't direct us to a possible solution. If I do solve my vibration problem, I will be sure to post it here with the hope that it helps you. Good luck.
  4. '95 Prizm. I now know the mount is bad and am trying to decide if I want to replace it myself or pay to have it done. I purchased the mount but after reviewing the tech manual it seems quite involved to remove and replace the mount Does anybody have any recommendations? If you did it yourself, how did you go about it? Thanks!!
  5. In my case; I have checked the timing and 3 of the 4 mounts (replaced one) and all is well (I still need to crawl under the car to check the fourth mount but I don't believe that will solve my problem). I briefly ran the car without the alternator, water pump and power steering pump belt and the vibration was still there. Bent rods or camshafts sound pretty serious--is that a common problem? And how could either occur? At this point I don't believe that it is internal to the engine unless you can convince me otherwise--I have had a few brief moments were the car was running well but I haven't been able to pinpoint why. The thermostat was stuck open when I purchased the car so it had been running too cold for some time--I wonder if this could have fouled the intake and the injectors and ???? and be causing my problem.
  6. I have a 1995 Geo Prizm, 1.8L, AT and ~92K miles that sounds like it has a very similar problem. I recently purchased the car and this vibration is that last thing I need to fix. I test drove a Corolla that had a very similar vibration issue and believe that there is a remedy (though I don't yet know what it is). Please let me know if you solve your vibration problem and I will do likewise. I have been through most of the checks in the service manual and have yet to solve the problem.
  7. High Idle

    Good questions: When warm, the idle is about 1100-1200 in gear and slightly higher out of gear. The temperature does reach normal range and stays there nicely thanks to a new thermostat.
  8. High Idle

    Hello: I believe I have searched the forum thoroughly and am not finding exactly what I am after to help me troubleshoot my problem. I have a 1995 Geo Prism with the 1.8 L and approximately 92K miles that I purchased recently. Generally the car seems to run fine with the exception of a high idle . With the engine cold the idle is about 1800 and it goes down to about 1200 RPM when the car warms up. I am asking for help because I am out of ideas. I don't believe there are any vacuum leaks and it is pulling 21-22 in of Hg vacuum. THANKS.