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  1. Lol! It does look like a Toyota dealership lot. Hey, is that a Dodge minivan squeezed in there that I see? Anyways, nice looking set of 'rollas you've got there.
  2. I was wondering if you can tell which plant the car was manufactured in by the vin number? That's what I've heard. How can you know whether your car was manufactured at Nummi or in Canada?
  3. Thank you for all of your helpful responses. It's been frustrating trying to find out what the noise is. I'll keep searching for the answer.
  4. I took it for the alignment and they said it doesn't need one. They put it on the rack and everything was within tolerances. The next day I took it to a independant auto mechanics place and the guy went for a test drive with me. Of course the car would not make the noise then. Figures. So I tell them to do a complete check over of the vehicle. They call it an MRI. Everything came back fine. Nothing wrong with the bearings, CV joints, brakes, transmission, etc. Everything looks perfect they said. I was sure that they'd find something.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I'm getting my car aligned on Tuesday. I'd like to get my front brakes done before the rains start again up here in the PNW. I've been noticing that it takes me longer to stop.
  6. I have never had it aligned. Now that you've mentioned alignments I was thinking about a strange thing that happens from time to time. My steering wheel is not completely aligned straight. Sometimes when I step on the brakes the car drifts suddenly to one side and the steering wheel turns in that same direction.
  7. I've got the standard 185/65/15 size on my car. Would shocks/struts make that kind of fast boop,boop noise while driving? It seems the faster I go the faster the sound is, and as I decelerate the sound slows down as well.
  8. It starts when I get up to about 10-15 mph. That's when I start hearing it going boop,boop,boop.....then if I decelerate the boops become more intermittent until I come to a complete stop. Like I was mentioning earlier when I drive in a parking lot and I go over a speed bump sometimes I hear one or two boops, but not every time. I've never dealt with a noise issue of this nature before so it's kind of frustrating to figure out what's going on.
  9. Thank you for the responses. I replaced the OEM tires a couple thousand miles ago. The tires were balanced then and the noise is still there. It could very well be that the actual wheel is bent slightly. I had both Les Schwab tire and the dealership examine the rotors, hub assembly, and the bearings. They said everything looks good there. The weird thing about this noise is that occasionally I will hear it when I go over a speed bump. I'll hear one or two boops and that's it. So I've been thinking it could be suspension related as well.
  10. Hello to you all in Corolland. I have a problem with my 04 Corolla that has been going on for a few months now. Whenever I drive at any speed, or when I'm decelerating I hear this fast intermittent boop, boop, boop......sound coming from what sounds like the left front wheel area of the car. I took the car to Les Schwab tire and had them check out the rotors, bearings, hub assembly. Everything checked out fine, so I went to the Toyota dealership and told them about it and the tech took a drive with me and said it was road noise. I said that can't be because even on smooth pavement I hear this sound, and like I said it's a boop, boop sound not a grumble, like road noise. Later on I have some service done at the dealership and I tell them the noise is still happening and can they check the undercarriage of the vehicle to see if anything is broken or damaged. So they drove the car around and said they can't replicate the noise. To me that's dealershipspeak for "If we can't hear it, there is no problem." So I'm still driving the car around and the noise is happening much more often and now I'm feeling a sort of slight vibration when this occurs. I am very concerned and I was wondering if anyone here has any idea what could be making a noise like this. The car has only 30,500 miles on it and I have babied the heck out of it. Other people who have gone for a ride in my car have heard it also, so I'm not hearing things. Any ideas?
  11. I was wondering what type of noise does the front bearing/hub assembly make when it is going out? My 04 Corolla is making a strange sound from the left front area and I was wondering if it might be the same kind of sound as a wheel bearing going out.