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  1. the yellowing is pretty easy to get off. they sell kits that allow you to restore the surface of your headlights. they work pretty well. they consist of different grades of sand paper (you sand paper the headlights with progressively finer sandpaper) and there's also a refinisher you apply to the plastic surface of the headlight. Hmmm -- I've always wondered if such a kit were available. Do you know what it's called and where to get it? There's a bunch of different kits out there but they all contain the same basic components (different grades of sandpaper and a refinisher). I just went into my local Autozone looking for it and they had a kit, it cost in the neighborhood of $20-30. I saw a similar kit at Walmart once. And if you follow the steps properly and thoroughly, the results should last. I refinished the headlights on my '99 Prizm a year and a half ago and they headlights are still clear. BTW, most of the kits I've seen don't require a drill. The kits I've seen use handheld works fine. I sandpapered my Prizm's headlights by hand.
  2. the yellowing is pretty easy to get off. they sell kits that allow you to restore the surface of your headlights. they work pretty well. they consist of different grades of sand paper (you sand paper the headlights with progressively finer sandpaper) and there's also a refinisher you apply to the plastic surface of the headlight.
  3. dsfs The LE gauges are the same as the S gauges, they light up the same way. In 2005 Toyota changed the LE gauges to Optitron, which is what they have used in Lexus cars for years. However, the Toyota Optitron gauges for the Corolla and Camry were poorly executed. They are all white on a black background and at night they are unbearably bright unless they are dimmed way down. The look cool because it looks like the gauges are floating in space like they are reflected off a mirror, but if any sunlight hits them they disappear. Toyota never changed this in the Corolla or Camry until the 2007 Camry update and 2009 Corolla Update respectively. They kept the gauges white but made them less bright and shaded them better so the sun didn't hit them. What they should have done was given the cars blue and teal Optitron gauges like my Solara has. You really need to go out and look at cars, that is the only way you can determine what you like and what you don't. We can answer your questions till the cows come home, but only you will know if you are bothered by the Optitron gauges in a later model car or if you prefer to pay more for the 'S' just so you don't have to look at the fake plastic wood trim that the LE has on the doors and console. Thanks again for the info. I test drove an '07 Corolla (they only had a couple of 07's on the used lot i visited)..... it blew me away. Alot better than the '98-'02 corollas.... the 9th gen ('03-'07) corollas (at least from my test drive) are much more stable on the freeway when compared to the 8th gen. The 8th gen Corolla's just seemed to vunerable to cross winds. I noticed the Optitron gauges on the '07.....they were nice but definately not as good as the ones on luxury japanese cars (obviously). i though the faux wood interior was nice. before todays test drive i was deciding between an '03-'05 Accord, 9th gen Corolla, Mazda3 and Mazda6 but considering how cheaply a 9th gen corolla can be bought for and how well they drive, i'm definately going to get a 9th gen Corolla. btw, i asked this question about the illumination of the LE gauges b/c i probably won't get to chance to test drive a Corolla at night. thanks again.
  4. Hey, Thanks for all your help so far. Another question (a silly one i admit). I read and saw a youtube video of how the Corolla S's white gauges appear at night (they illuminate white on black just like during the daytime.... looks pretty cool). Since the 2003 and 2004 Corolla LE's use the same white gauges (as the '03-'07 Corolla S's), I was wondering if the LE's gauges (again '03 or '04 model) also illuminate white at night. Thanks.
  5. There are two speakers in the rear deck, one on each front door and two tweeters near the sideview mirrors. The two tweeters constitute the 5th and 6th speakers, so all you have to do is look for those. BTW, I wouldn't buy an early build 2005 model. 2005 was the first model to have an electronic throttle and they hadn't quite perfected it yet. The electronic throttle on mine was flaky, and the dealer could never replicate the acceleration lag nor the dead pedal issue that I would occasionally encounter. I assume that the problem was fixed because my Solara and the Camry has an electronic throttle and they don't exhibit these issues. Anyway, good luck in finding a car. Thanks for the info.
  6. Hi, I'm looking to buy a used Corolla ('03-'05). I just read that the upgraded audio for that generation of Corolla has 6 speakers. My question is where are the 6 speakers located? I just want to know where to look to see if the car has an upgraded audio system or not. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I love the look of the backend of the Corolla S. Specifically I love the rear bumper spoilers (the two attachments that attach onto the bottom of the bumper)..... I think those two attachments give the Corolla S a much more substantial look. Anyways, I am looking to buy a used 2003-2007 Corolla soon. Considering the "LE" models outnumber the "S" models (generally speaking), I could probably get an LE model for at least $500 less compared to a comparable S model. So my plan is to buy an "LE" for cheap and just to buy the two rear bumper spoilers (found on the "S" model) and have them attached. The problem is those '03-'07 OEM rear bumper spoilers are really, really hard to find (at least they seem so from the Internet search i did)..... So my question is, where can I find them (for cheap preferably)? Thanks.
  8. There so many, lets see: -Aftermarket air Filter with pipes -Apexi Fuel Controller (it's blue) -KYB Struts -Lowering Springs -New muffler (don't know name) -new cat (its in a blue box) -'17 rims I think I scratched the fuel sensor trying to fit it into the aftermarket pipe for the air filter. (it was loose, so I added a black bonding chemical, then Tried to take it out and cut the black stuff off) Watch it playa, your corolla is a wing away from being officially rice.
  9. 1) Bought a used '99 Prizm (really a Corolla), have the same problem. I think its due to faulty wiring. 2) don't know, Toyota dealership probably has them. 3) you mean the insturment panel lights after you start up at night right? that's normal, but for me, it takes about 4-5 sec's its seems but its normal for the delay. 4) not sure about this one. 5) as far as reliability, great and great (if good maintence is followed)
  10. Thought about that possibility. I think its only a danger in the winter months (for places that have winters) if a person doesn't give their car enough time to warm up. Although I live in a place that has winters (NY) I'm not too worried. Just got to know when to be careful.
  11. Yeah I thought about what effect it would have, I think the effect of the zip ties on the radiator would be minimal. Its secured on there pretty tightly and the pads were used. Think the figure was every 20 degree drop in temp doubles the life of the transmission. I installed a fairly big cooler (15" 1/2 x 7 1/2 x 3/4"; 'heavy duty' flavor) so I should be good. Finally, my transmission will be protected from my rev-happy driving style.
  12. forget it, found the answer.....can't believe i got to buy a funnel to add the ATF. Oh well....
  13. Total noob question, I just added a ATF cooler. During the installation, I lost maybe 1/2 quart of ATF. Where do I put new ATF into? There's no clearly marked place in the engine bay. Or maybe I just didn't look carefully enough.
  14. Oh snip, too late. I installed the cooler today myself and used those zip ties, poked them right through the radiator. How is that going to effect my radiator? Tell me it will still work okay.
  15. Considering installing an automatic transmission cooler on my car (to keep the transmission running cooler and prolong its life). I'm not too famililar with how the Automatic transmission fluid is routed through the radiator on a '99 Corolla/Prizm (to enhance cooling). Would installation of the following cooler be effective in keeping my tranny cool or would just be a waste of money? Auto Tranny Cooler