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  1. oil smoke could be white and/or blue. also it could be a combo of moisture/fuel and the oil, what will determine if its realy the valve seals is if it keeps doing it when it warms up outside.
  2. this is a classic description of worn valve seals and/or valve guides. what happens is when you shut the engine off for the night the little bit of oil up in the cylinder head around the valve train will sit up around the valves and leak down around and through the worn valve seal onto the top of the valve if it is closed and onto the piston if the valve is open, then it just sits there till you start the engine. Remember its only a small amount of oil so it would be hard to see any oil usage. when the engine is again started the next morning, that oil is burned up causing the puff of smoke your describing, and then quickly goes back to running fine again and will continue to not smoke while you drive the car that day. if this is what is realy your cause then you have nothing serious to worry about, exept for a little smoke each morning. hope that helps , just another potential cause for the smoke.
  3. I assume you me srt-4 factory size tires, not wheels because im pretty sure the lug pattern is different. The factory wheel for a srt-4 is 17x6 inches so just about any 17 " wheel close to that wheel width will fit. so yes it would, as long as your corolla wheels are 17".
  4. I just purchased a 1990 corolla 5-spped at a local police auction for $300 bucks. It needed a clutch, but it runs like a champ and just clicked over 293,000 miles. It looks rough but runs good. My goal it 500,000 on factory motor and trans. The cool part is who ever owned it before me kept great records which were in the glove box.