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  1. i know about the wire thing i never ran them in the same place its actually the preout grounds in the deck, so i did something on i ground the preamp outputs on the chassis of the deck and it solved the problem the ground look fix and it worked on it so w/e its all good, and thanks alot for ur help
  2. ive got a bad cd player ground, that is the problem. does anyone know how to go inside and fix this?
  3. i cleaned up the battery ground and it helped a bit, but it still has a slight pop only when the car is on when it is off i can hear the loading of the disc, its not nearly as bad but still is annoying could it be my deck or amp too>
  4. hey there does anyone know any cheap upgrades for a 86 corolla to give it a bit more power, right now it feels like i could run faster
  5. thanks alot for your help i guess ill do the resistor thing, can you please show me a diagram of what you mean?
  6. yah i just bought a new battery and alternator for it, there is no difference in the sound when the car is on and off but it seems like everytime i hit a button a pop comes from the amp ie turning on the lights turning on the heater turning on the signals
  7. Hey there i got an 86 corolla 4 door liftback for free lol it runs great but im going to be installing a system into it does anyone know where a good ground is, I have already installed the system. but everytime i load a cd i can hear distortion come from the subs also whenever i put the blinker on i hear a pop sorta like when you shut off the sub its wierd it happens quite often. i tried 2 different spots the(the seat mounting and in the back hatch) i get the same sound from both spots. I also tried new rca jacks aswell. Im really stumped on this Thanks for your help