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  1. 27/35 mpg by the new standards is about 31/38 by the old standards. Is this for automatic or manual? If its based on manual tests it sounds like the new Corollas are going to take a hit to their mpg, on top of being slower. Right now they're up to 32/41.
  2. Seat Weight

    I'm looking at some racing seats. The supply claims they are 10 lbs and are around 1/4 the weight of normal, non-powered seats. Are Corolla seats really 40 lbs each?
  3. Does anyone know how much a Corolla's stock seat weighs, particularly a 2001.
  4. Some people have suggested to me just leave it in 2nd gear if you get stuck in a stop-and-go situation rather than shifting everytime you manage to pull yourself above 15 mph only to studdenly come to a halt again and have to switch it back. This could be especially useful for those 5 mile backups on the highways, like on the after Mother's Day . I'm already preparing for it.
  5. I was recently shopping around for a new Mazda MX-5. At a local dealership, the guy was bragging how the new MX-5's are immensely faster than the old ones. So I decided to throw him a curve ball and asked him what's the difference between HP and torque. He actually gave a pretty inciteful answer. According to him, think about torque as the "pushing" power, and hp as the "pulling" power. You need torque to push you off the line and push you into motion, but you need hp to pull you along that motion and continue your acceleration. That's why heavy vehicles like trucks and buses use diesel engines, because they make a helluvalota torque which they need to push their huge mass into motion. However, because they don't make enough HP to pull them along, its why you never want to drive behind them (accelerate snail slow). Another thing the dealer told me was that looking at HP vs. Torque can give you an idea of whether its a high revving engine or not. Most car engines rev to about 6000 rpms for max power and have pretty even hp to torque ratios. My 01 Corolla has exactly 125 HP and 125 torque and revs to 5800 for its max power. If you look at a car like the 2005 Celica GT, it produced 140 HP but only 126 torque. That car's hp maxes at 6400 rpm. The MX-5 I was looking at made 170 HP vs 140 torque and had a max power hit at 6700 rpm. Now take a real high revving car like the XRS which has 170 HP, but only 126 torque. It maxes at 7600 rpm. you can see the trend going on here. So what does this all mean according to him? Torque is fun because it gives you the in-your-seat feel when you step on the pedal, but HP is the bragging rights because its what the rest of the cars around you see when you pull ahead of them.
  6. Hi, I was wondering if its possible to use the TRD Corolla supercharger on an 8th generation Corolla. The reason I ask is because recently I saw clip on youtube in which a 00' Toyota Celica GT was fitted with the 03' Corolla TRD supercharger.
  7. Anyone question; Is premium fuel required with a TRD supercharger, or is it optional for better performance?
  8. Does anyone know if TRD superchargers can work with the 8th generation Corollas, or are they specifically designed for each car. I see a bunch of them selling on eBay, but they are only ones designed for Scion tC, Tacoma, or the 4Runner. Was there ever a TRD s/c made for the Corolla?
  9. I have a cold air intake on my car. I would say how effective it is depends alot on how hot/cold it is outside, probably the most obvious thing to point out. If its a cold air intake, it needs cold air. In the winters I notice slightly better performance (not that much, maybe 5-7 hp), but in those hot 95 degree summer days, I highly doubt the intake works any better than stock.
  10. Sorry twinky, brendon and gvr, but I've come here to ruin your day and set the story straight from a true mustanger who has been there and done that. I've underlined the parts pertaining to each of you: I used to own a 99' Mustang V6. I bought it my senior year in HS brand new for about $20,000 after saving up all my money. You're right Brendon, the SC400 was a much better car and I came across it when I was searching around for a car, but I couldn't exactly afford the $58k price tag on a part-time retail job after school so I bought what I could afford. Back then all I cared about was having a fast car to impress my friends, and that stang was definately fast. The engine made something like 190hp on a 3000lbs frame and could probably reach 60mph in 7.5 sec or less. Sorry to have to break it to you Twinky, but a Mustang could beat a Corolla in a race hands down, even a baseline V6 stang. The power isn't what I remember the most about that car. Sorry gvr, but it was a piece of junk hands down. The car was constantly going into the mechanic's shop every season. The 2 problems I remember the most were coolant leakage and engine vibrations, particularly on the pedal when shifting. I also had problems with my a/c compressor and brake pads, which needed constant re-grounding. After I got out of college 4 years later, I finally decided to trade it in for something more reliable. My racing days were over. I did some searches on the internet and found out alot about Corollas, which up to that point I had always bashed as being little junky japanese cars. I ended up buying a pre-owned 01' rolla (the one I'm driving now), and this car has completely blown my nieve thinking away. It is amazing on fuel economy and on reliablity. It really does put that old mustang in perspective Yeah I bought a Corolla S, so I'm not exactly out of my racer days yet. Every so often, I still get the urge to slap a turbocharger on my car and take me back to my high school days when my friends would race each other down the long island expressway. Yeah I know alot of people are hyping about the new mustangs, but after my experience I would NEVER buy another Mustang again. It just left me with a bad taste in my mouth that isnt gonna go away anytime soon.
  11. Wow, I didn't consider such things like too much power. What about if I didn't supercharge it, just leave it stock 168 hp XRS engine. Would I still have a problem of wheel slip? After all, the 2ZZ engine doesn't max out until something like 7500 RPM. I've never driven an XRS, but I assumed at low rpms, it performs similar to a stock Corolla, but at high rpms, it goes into beastmode.
  12. I've been doing some search around on the internet for ways to get some extreme power into a Corolla without dealing with heavy problems of modifications, fabrications, and space issues. I came across several mechanics who specialize in engine swaps. Many of them note the similarities and relative ease in swapping a 2ZZ-GE engine in from a 1ZZ-FE. I've been thinking about taking it a step further by supercharging the 2ZZ engine. It has been done in cars like the new Lotus Exige S, which makes about 218HP and a nice 185 lbs-ft torque. Imagine having 218HP on a 2400lbs Corolla; it makes goosebumps on my arm! I could tell that obnoxious loser next to me on the highway with his 2 ton Thunderbird to eat my dust! My question is how relatively easy would it be to do this? Is it going to be within a reasonable price range? (under $5000)
  13. Hmmm interesting topic. What would that mean then if two exact same cars both produced 200 HP, but Car A produced 150 ft.lbs torque and Car B produced 200 ft.lbs torque?
  14. I just bought on 01' Corolla CE bout 2 months ago. I cheaped out and got one with alot of miles (120k). I was looking to see about getting an engine swap, possibly something relatively newer, more powerful, but not overdone. I thought the 2.4L I4 of the 2AZ-FE engine from the Solara/Camry/Rav4 would be pretty good. 157 HP on my little Corolla would really make for some fun! (plus it gets a nice lean 24 MPG city, 33 MPG highway). How compatible is the 2AZ-FE with the 1ZZ-FE. I assume the two are engines are almost the same weight so hopefully there wont be bad weight distribution problems. Would it be a cleaner swap then most since its close in size and since they're both made by Toyota?