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  1. Only way this thing would help you out with MPG is if you sharpened the heck out of it and glued it to your accellerator pedal and drove barefoot. There are so many proven methods of obtaining better MPG. I'd stay away from the Tornado and try any of the following: - Just drive slower - Correct tire pressure - Stop hauling around tons of crap in your trunk if you don't have too - Experiment with local gas stations to see if there is a difference (probably not very noticcable, so just buy the cheapest) - Upgrade fluids to higher viscosity - Upgrade air filter (possible even a cold air intake) - Upgrade to high flow mufler - Try riding a bike every now and then Good luck, Dave
  2. Congrats NM Geroge on the new car. I'm in the same boat, well same car actually. I've had my 07 manual Silver S for about a month now and with 900 miles have been very pleased so far. Only added the trunk mat, some carpet reminants to help with wear and tear on the floormats, and the fancy sport pedals (which look great but are a major p.i.t.a. to put on). Still in the market for a nice aftermarket Shift knob to match the pedals. Other than that I can confirm the Silver color is a pleasure regarding clean up and appearance (I wanted the black or grey, but ended up taking the silver off the lot for a steal). Enjoy your car. Dave
  3. Just broke 500 miles on my '07 Corolla S Manual. Used about 1-1/4 tank so far with mixed driving. Given the "break in" period I'm not to concerned about actual mpg figures yet. From previous experience I recommend keeping your cars in the best shape possible (oil changes, lubed, good tires, bla bla bla), don't drive like a nut, and unload all the extra crap in your car. You would be amazed at the extra weight added from golf clubs to tools. We are planning some summer trips, I'll be sure to post the mpg then.
  4. bhp02 is absolutley correct, if there are some issues with the steering suspension parts the alignment readings will differ even at the same shop & machine. If you are having issues/concerns with the handling of the car have that evaluated asap. Slightly suprised the shops didn't eval your car prior to testing the alignment, but anything is possible. Especially with your indication the folks at the shops are rude. Customer support goes a long way. If you are displeased with the shop, ask to speak with the manager or owner, voice your concern, ask for your money back (good luck but it never hurts to ask), and take your car and money elsewhere. Regardless of what the shops are reporting I would ask around and try to locate a shop with a good rep (word of mouth is the best form of advertisement). even the dealers are worth trying. Service prices are pretty competative across the board now-a-days. Granted some might have awsome advertised deals... but remember you get what you pay for. Good luck to ya.
  5. My wife's previous 1989 Olds has the same problem. I attempted to rig it with various materials , everything from rope to tape to metal, to hold it on track. Window would stay on track as long as it was up. Once you rolled it down it would fall off track if the door was slammed shut or driving over bug bumps. Ended up selling the pos, but I know if you hit the local U-Pull-It yards (junk yards) you should be able to find the peice. Probably a couple of bucks or just pocket it since it's very small if it's like the one on the olds. Good luck to ya.
  6. All worked out... Dealership was pretty good at compensating me for my troubles. Instead of the discontinued "S" floormats they agreed to: * The regular floormats, which kudos to my sales guy keeping at his desk * The matching trunk mat * The sport pedals (they had to order them, I'll let you know my thoughts when their installed) * $97.00 credit at the parts dept (due to retuning the floormats believed to be the "S" ones ordered in my name woohoo!) Not an "everything but the kitchen sink" list I first asked for due to the screw up, but I atleast I also still have a complaint log at Toyota that might result in some freebies and the $97 credit at the parts dept. Not sure what else to get. Too bad they don't offer the Ipod links through the dealer. Maybe I'll settle for the doorsill enhancements, a cargo holder, or a bra. Anythoughts? Also got them to agree to replace one of my rims without question due to a defect pit less than 1/8 inch in dia I noticed while detailing the car over the weekend. Granted I'm sure they would have replaced it, but now I have it in writting and don't have to worry about explaining or debating it to the service guys. Oh and regarding the poor wearability of the floormats, I already have some nice black grey pattern carpet reminants that I picked up for a couple bucks eack. I highly recomend anyone looking for floormats to hit their local carpet store and pick up some reminants. They normally are happy to sell them for a buck or two. At that cost it's hard to beat especially when you can sometimes find pretty nice patterns that can spruce up your car. TTL Dave
  7. Hi everyone, Purchased a 2007 Corolla S couple weeks ago. 400 miles and Very Happy... except when I bought the car I made a big stink about the floormats being different than those in the brochure. The red "S" was missing. The dealer folded and agreed to order the the "S" floormats and removed the ones that came with the car, they just say Corolla without the "S". Couple weeks later and the Parts Manager gives me a call stating the floormats are in. I ask him if they have the pretty little red "S". He goes and checks and low and behold they are the exact same fraking floormats they took out of the car, no "S". Needless to say I am not pleased. The Parts Manager believes they are no longer available but isn't sure. Me being me, I contact Toyota and after a few transfers I confirm the darn things are discontinued. Stinks the brochure is wrong, but their disclamer covers that... however the dealership agreed to get me the "S" floormats. Either they did a bait-n-switch to make the sale or made an honest mistake. Either way I'm not pleased and awaiting a call back from the sales guy and/or sales manager. Now that my rant is done... what are your thoughts, experiences, or advice given my situation???? Thanks Dave