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  1. whoa i thought i drove driving a 95 dx with 171,600 miles so far...minor maintenance but besides that no major worries, i'll see 500k one day...
  2. I used a Valvoline TB cleaner spray on my car. It came very clean, not to mention better throttle response & airflow. So, yes it be a good thing to clean it out as carbon deposits and other things can block airflow. More air = better throttle response and less gas usage.
  3. 29-31MPG in the city & 36-40MPG on the highway on 91 to 93 pump gas. Even with prices the way they are I still use the good stuff! I used regular 89 pump gas and noticed a loss in MPG, about 2-3MPG. Thats in a 95 DX 7A-FE. With 155k+ miles on it.
  4. IMHO, it would be a expensive and tacky look for the Corolla. Get a nice setup with a 3' - 3.5' design.
  5. 160K is a great milestone, now go for 250k! My 95 DX has little over 155k
  6. Hello! I have a 95 DX 7A-FE, I was in Atlanta, Ga this past Summer working and on one of my trips back down to FL I topped out @ 115mph. It felt like it would in deed go faster if I pushed a bit more, but with a bad alignment and mismatched tires I quickly slowed it back down to reasonable cruising speeds. I used my GPS to get the most accurate speedo reading, since my speedo is 4mph faster than the actual speed. Not much on the mods, I modified the stock air box + Fram Airhog filter, Bosch Plat+2 plugs & wires. Everything else...stock.