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  1. Yeah, I get sluggish with vehicle repairs/maintenance when the weather gets cold. It's a good thing that it isn't too cold here for very long!
  2. Yeah, I talked with EBC before I purchased the pads....they changed the composition of the Green pads a few years ago to make them more durable (less brake dust). They also informed me that I should not use anti-squeak on the back side of the pad, that it could possible damage the pad. I was a bit shocked to hear this and expected to hear some squealing from the metal/metal contact, but none so far.
  3. Yep, we'll see how long they last. I am curious to see what they will look like after the next pad change and a rotor turn is performed... BTW, I get no noise from these rotors (which I expected since they are slotted).
  4. Thanks! I know that upgrades to the brake system aren't something that folks like to do, but they are quite important! Going fast is cool, but stopping is a necessity!
  6. A few weeks ago I installed a new set of pads and rotors on my wife's '05 Corolla. I used EBC Green pads and EBC USR Sport rotors and they work quite well. This setup provides excellent braking for this vehicle and the company provides great customer service! Anyway, here is a pic: Click Here
  7. Yep, this is how I rotate my tires.
  8. I would stay away from the K&N type filters. Remember, if it lets in more air, it is also letting in more dirt particles. Your best bet is to keep the volume of air the same, but decrease the temperature of the air coming in (which means it will be more dense).
  9. Redline 75W90 is an excellent GL5 rated gear lube. I run this in the diffs in my Jeep and it holds up to the heavy abuse dealt (quite a bit of rock crawling with lockers in both diffs).
  10. They make the best blades I have EVER used. They don't chatter and have a 5 year warranty.
  11. Agreed....throttle cable. They work just like a Bicycle brake cable.
  12. Can you post a picture of your throttle body? That would give a difinitive answer.
  13. Same thing here....I call those "Brake Checks" As for the brakes, I havent noticed lack of braking power on my wife's '05 Corolla. I believe they are only single piston calipers, but with the minimal weight of the car, that shouldnt be an issue. Now, my jeep, on the other hand. I switched to a dual piston setup on the fronts and can stop my large tires on a dime. It wasnt cheap, but was well worth the money in this traffic.
  14. The link to Towerhobbies that I provided was just to show an example and some of the properties of the paint that I think would work well on your plastic bumper. I would not buy the paint you need from that Hobby website. They probably wont have a paint to match and, I can guarantee, they wont mix to match. Also, TH is also not located in Texas....Champaign, IL, IIRC. I would definitely purchase the paint from somewhere else. If it were me, I would buy the paint from a local store. They will usually give you better customer service than an internet store and will even be able to match the color you need. That is why I provided a link to English Color. They were a local store that I used quite a few times and provided a great product with excellent customer service.
  15. Haha....well that might be true, but that paint that I provided a link to was made in China...

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