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  1. Thanks for the info...sounds full proof to me. Do you have any pics of yours?
  2. I was just about to order some 16" rims the other day..and hesitated on the width. Then I got to thinking about 17"s. I have an 02, and in my opinion 18's are too large..especially with tein lowering springs. What are you guys running on? How wide is too wide? Im looking to drop a 2zz in after a few more suspension mods and need as wide a tire as possible(for traction). this is something i havent really put much time/thought into yet.
  3. Yes..there is no joke about that. I have an injen sri. Sounds good. lokks good. Doesnt do much except on the high end...especially when the engine heats up(which doesnt take long) That's why i decided to look into a cai. i know about EL Prototypes, and almost had my hands on one after a guy wrecked his rolla..i was five mins late calling him . Thanks for the DIY..nice...but im not too big on pvc. I think im going to get a cheap sri...cut the sensor areas out...and have a muffler shop bend some pipe just right for the fitting.
  4. My 100k engine has been running a bit ruff and burning a bit of oil for a while and i have been debating on getting it rebuilt or replacing it with a new 1zz-fe. But, after some restless nights and lots of thought i do believe it's going to be a 2zz-ge. im not too terribly worried about fuel economy, and i have always dreamed of driving a sleeper(im not big on flashy "im fast" cars). Anyways...while i wait for a cheap engine to come my way and work out all the technicalities, i would love to here anyones input. I'm definitely going to need all i can get.
  5. I cant seem to come across an actuall CAI for my Rolla. Any one know of one?
  6. Sorry i havent followed up in so long. Ive been really busy w/class and work..and sadly the part i bought was on back order for a month. I finally got it on a little over a week ago and it was definately the difference between night and day...great mod for looks as well as performance!
  7. I was thinking about throwing on a strut bar, and found one for $60. Check it out..leave some feedback:
  8. I have an 02 and bought an injen SRI a little while back . It was expensive and fits quite impractically (just as the original poster implied about sitting behind the engine) After the engine heats up, all possible benifits of my sri are pretty much thrown out the window. it sounds good and i would argue that it gives a bit of a power jump, especially at higher speeds. I had some free time one day and decided to put the tubing from the stock intake back into the car too. i took some screen mesh, wrapped it around the epening of it and took some black duct tape to it (that way it will keep any little bits of debri from getting into the engine bay). Not sure if it helped much, but i can tell that it is getting better air flow while moving. In conclusion, I wouldnt recommend it unless you just have an extra $200 laying around and you want to give your ride a little hum when you hit the gas. Pros: some gain in throttle response and something pretty under the hood Cons: Costly:after engine heats up seems to be a bit slower of the line as the result of sucking hot air
  9. Hey guys, sorry I've been gone for a few days. it was actually listed for us four door CE, SE, and S 2002 and 2003 models. so that probably explains the problem. thanks fishexpo. lol...sounds like we had the same problem tdk. i got irritated and called the company for a refund, and they offered it, but i have to pay to have it shipped back. I also ordered an Ingen filter, and it fit perfectly. sounds good, looks good, and i was also surpised in the little boost of pwr. Especially in the upper rpms.
  10. yes, i removed all of the stock parts, it's just too large to fit in the space. to make it work i would have to remove and relocate the fuse box, and the filter would still be jammed for space.
  11. I just came across these forums recently and am new to the place. i gave about 30 mins to searching for what i was looking for and decided to just post a new topic. i have a 2002 corolla CE and have recently bought a K&N Short Ram intake and am having a few problems installing it. before i purchased it i looked around at a few different sites to check with compatability..cause honestly...i had my doubts about it fitting a corolla ;P. thus, i was wondering if anyone had some insite on how to mount it, because the brackets given with filter wont line up at all. thanks alot!

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