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  1. 2004 Corolla LE automatic with 279,500 miles. CEL came on for the first time ever in nine years of driving. Code says P0456. I checked the original gas cap and it locks on but went ahead and put a new gas cap on today. My question is, will the CEL clear itself if the new gas cap stops the evaporative leak? The auto parts store won't clear the code. My wife's Kia Sedona CEL will clear itself after 3 cycles of the error code not occuring. Thanks for any info!
  2. Update: Got the old drain plug out and had a local shop re-thread the hole. Installed a larger drain plug and copper washer. I'm going to reinstall the pan tomorrow as I am waiting on the OEM pan gasket at the Toyota dealer. I did not like the flimsy cork gasket that came with the filter kit I got at the parts store. The one that came off of the pan originally is much thicker and sturdier than the cork one.
  3. I have a 2004 LE with 255,000 miles on it. Was changing the transmission fluid today as I have on four previous occasions. I removed the drain plug and drained the pan, then when I went to replace the drain plug it would not tighten, just spins. I removed the pan and there's no nut inside the pan so I'm thinking the there is a nut or threads sandwiched between the inner at outer pan skin where the plug screws in??? Has anyone had this happen and how to fix it. Right now I can't back the drain plug out either. BTW: the pan was amazingly clean even at this high mileage. Thanks for reading and replying.
  4. Stopped by Advance Auto Parts this afternoon. Not only did they take back the Bosch O2 Sensors, but they were able to order the Denso for me from their warehouse and on top of that they gave me the 15% discount I got when I purchased the Bosch's online. The manager of the store waited on'd be surprised what discounts you can get if you just politely ask.
  5. Yes, drain from plug area and refill in the dipstick hole. Do not mess witht the lines. Also, once you refill the transmission with new fluid. Crank up the engine and move the transmission selector through R N D 2 and back to P. Not exactly sure why you need to do with this. I think it enables the torque converter to be fully lubricated or something along those lines.
  6. I have a 2004 Corolla LE automatic with 206,600 miles on it. I drain and refill the tranny every 45000 to 50000 miles with the recommended trans fluid. There is a drain plug on the transmission. Just drain, replace crush washer around drain plug when reinstalling the drain plug and refill with the same amount of trans fluid that came out. I buy a $1 store plastic gallon container to measure the amount of fluid that drains out. Mine has always held four quarts even though some books say three quarts. I bought the car new from a dealer so I know it came from the factory with 4 quarts. I've never had any problems in my 200k plus miles by just draining and refilling the tranny. I would not remove the bottom of the drain pan so as to not disturb the seal.
  7. Thank you! Advance will let you return anything within 30 days for any I'm going to return the Bosch and get the Denso.
  8. Thanks, Fish! I've already purchased the Bosch Premimum and with 15% discount---the upstream was $93 at Advance Auto Parts. Do you think there are two different Bosch's? I mean "premium" versus "standard" ?
  9. I'm going to replace both oxygen sensors on my 2004 Corolla LE and I was wondering if I need to disconnect the battery while doing this. It's my understanding this resets the engine control module and that it should be done anytime you replace things like the O2 sensor etc... I'm using the Bosch exact fit premium O2 sensors.
  10. Yes, the thumping is the same from the Kuhmos and the new Coopers. The tires didn't change a thing. I'm thinking suspension due to the high miles???
  11. I had Kumhos on it,195/65R15 at 31psi. Now have Cooper CS4 195/65R15 at 31psi. The thumping noise is intermittent. Very noticeable at times. Very low at other times. I've not tried tapping the brakes or shifting into neutral or lower gear when it does that. The noise seems loudest when at around 35 mph since that's the speed limit on the road leaving the area where I work each afternoon. I don't seem to hear it at freeway speeds like 65 and above. 35 is loudest and decreasing until I get up to 65.
  12. Ouch, not recommended that you do this to sealed CV joints. I take it you had a needle filled with grease that you pushed in by the edge of the rubber boot? Adding grease in that manner will not get to the joint, can't "force" the grease in there, plus it gives the extra grease and now a possible exit hole to squirt out of. As for the noise, could be pretty much anything - have you tried moving the wheels around (rotate tires) and see if the noise changes? Yes, I used one of those needles to "inject" the grease into the boot. Just to see if that would make a difference. It seems to do it the same even after rotation---although I should go front to back and back to front. Never have tried swapping sides or doing a cris cross. That's a good idea. Thanks!!
  13. I occAssionally hear a noise coming from my front end----almost seems like the driver's side front tire. It is most noticeable at speeds around 35 to 55 MPH. The best way to describe the sound is whomp, whomp, whomp. Just like that three to four whomps at a time. It has done it since I had about 100k or so. I now have over 200k. New tires, alignment, brakes doesn't seem to do anything for it. I've even injected grease into the CV boots. Any ideas?
  14. I do the tranny fluid every 40k or so, plugs at 105k, coolant at 100k, front rotors and pads at 165k. I've never replaced the brake fluid or the rear pads and shoes.
  15. I now have 200,220 miles on my 2004 Corolla LE that I bought brand new on April 1st, 2004. I drove all highway miles each and every day. This car does not leak a single drop of anything and I consistently get 37 MPG (sometimes better). I have never replaced the Oxygen sensors. Without the check engine light coming on and with no noticeable deterioration in MPG how do I determine that the sensors need replacing? Or....should I just leave well enough alone and not mess with them until they crap out? Thanks!!