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  1. Thanks fishexpo101 !! really appreciate your input. The first time this happened, i thought it was a transmission problem and i believed the same till the date the Mechanic said otherwise. to answer your questions: 1) Yes, the car idles just fine in P and N, no issues there. I let it run for couple of minutes and did not see any problem at all, the engine runs pretty smooth. 2) I don't remember any problem in Reverse either 3) The Engine REVS just fine in both N and P, no issue there, either. 4) Yes, When I turn the AC on, the engine idle speed jumps up a little, but i guess that's normal, right? 5) I took the car to the mechanic and he checked all the Fluide Levels and topped it off, at least that's what he said. I checked the Fluid level (except transmission) my self and they all look good to me too. The car had it's transmission Service done (fluid change etc) in March 2006 @ 120K. do you think it's about time i get the transmission service done again? Thanks again and really appreciate your feedback. -al
  2. My 2001 Corolla ( 150K) is having some problem. It is starting fine, but as soon I put the car in "D" , it doesn't move unless i press the gas hard enough. sometimes it even stops running if not given enough gas. doesn't give any problem when on the road. the mechanic says i need to change my MAF sensor, but for some reason i am not buying it. any idea what the problem might be. I searched the net and found some Volvo having this Engine Idling problem, is this the same thing. Please note, the Car runs fine otherwise. thanks for your help
  3. Thanks for the info. If burning a Qtr per 1200 miles is ok, then I don't think my problem is that serious, really. just so you all know, I did checked the plugs and there is no trace of any oil, just some carbon deposit (very minor) all symptoms now point to a stuck piston ring, I enquired with my mechanic and he suggested replacing the enging with any used low milaege one, (aprroximate cost=1,800 including parts and labor), not sure, if it is worth doing it. Thanks again to all for the help.
  4. Thanks to all for replying to my message and sharing such wonderful info, you guys are amazing!! Now, regarding my car: I got another oil change, (4 qt. of regular oil). The oil level on the dip-stick was slightly above the Max mark right after the oil chance. Drove for 2,200 miles, mostly highway miles with speed below 65-70 MPH and no A/C. Checked the oil regularly, today i.e. after driving 2,200 Miles, the oil level is still above the Min. mark on the dip-stick. I think my car already burned about 2 Qt. of oil (I am getting another oil change tomorrow and may be add some oil-additive like Lucas??) Again: there is no leak, no smoke, nothing. What do you guys think, is it normal for a Corolla with 100K miles on it to burn this amount of Oil and I need not worry about it or I need to do something. I think the rate of oil burn in my car is directly proportional to the speed at which it is driven, the higher the speed the faster it burns the oil. It is possible that, It might not burn any oil at all, if I drive at let’s say 35 MPH. What do you guys think, suggest? Thanks again for the help.
  5. Hi folks, I have a 2001 Corolla (bought in San Jose, California) with 100K now. The car runs fine, except that when I took my last road trip (900 Miles, roundtrip) the engine oil which I got changed just before the trip was all gone when I came back from the trip. The check oil light came on, on my way back. Not sure, if this is expected from a car with 100K milage on it. I did drive at 85-90 mph for extended periods during the trip, do you think, that could be the reason ? There is absolutely no leak, and no other issue with the car. Anybody noticed this kind of problem with their Corolla ? Thanks and appreciate the help.
  6. I recently got my car serviced from a Toyota dealer, who also replaced the fuel gauge lamp during the service and charged me $3.00 for the bulb and $87.00 for Labor is it a rip-off ?? do you guys think that is a normal charge for replacing a bulb. Please share your experience/views. Thanks Al