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  1. It was totalled alright. It took over a month to get a check. I moved over to the forum if you know what I mean. Over and out.
  2. My daughter was driving. She is fine and standing next to the car in the picture. Despite how it looks, it wasn't her fault. A guy in Tacoma truck pulled in front of her and she braked hard, but didn't stop in time. She hit his side while he was moving trying to pull out. This is why the sliding forces pulled the bumper and fender. Sadly, there is relatively little damage to his truck while this poor corolla will probably go to a junkyard or junk auction. I started looking for replacements, but can't find a similar car with ABS, CC, and side airbags. I'll consider Matrix and Yaris, too. The apraiser guy at the USAA insurance is not returning my calls anymore. 8 days after the collision and still waiting. This sucks!
  3. It's a serious question. I'm in a limbo between insurance co and a shop. Shop is saying rapairable (of course! smell of $$$$), but very close to the 75% value cutoff that makes it a total loss. I haven't heard from insurance yet. I'm tired of waiting already (5 days).
  5. I hear you on the EPS in new Corolla. It's radiculously numb. I test drove 2010 and said, no, thanks, and bought Prius instead. Everyone picks on Prius not being driver's car, yet it has the best EPS I've seen. The hydraulic PS in the previous generation was excellent, that was one of the things that sold me on the car. How did you avoid oil burning in a 2000 Corolla? Any tips on oil used, intervals, etc? BTW, this is my honest review on my 2003 Corolla. I like the car even though it was not problem free:
  6. Yes! you need to reset engine ECU to relearn new correct idle spead.
  7. I finally got the "D0B" recall done together with the passanger airbag recall. They said they installed harness # 04002-66112 which is the correct thing to do: Too bad I had to replace the central sensor/airbag ECU myself on my own dime in the past.
  8. It's active. I saw it on the toyota website and took it in today. The only disapointmen is the part was not replaced. This is what it reads on my receipt: "Removed passanger airbag to scan barcode did not need replacement"
  9. Thanks fishexpo for replying. I should have explained more abour recent maintenance. The spark plugs were replaced 10,000 miles ago and inspected 3,000 miles ago. Air filter was recenly changed too. The LTFT is low and close to zero. STFT on the orther hand is close to -10 on start and slowly goes down to somewhere between 0 and -5 after warmup. No bad smell after warmup. No raw gasoline smell or sulfur type of smell. My daughter just came back from a sizable hwy trip and she drives close to 80MPH. I thought about exhaust leak too because I thought I heard a new ticking/knocking sound. Is it something I can check or should I take it to a mufler shop? Where exactly the leaks like to happen in 9th gen?
  10. I did some major maintenance (90000 miles) in my daughter's 03 Corolla and noticed very smelly, rich exhaust while idling and warming up. It wasn't like this 2 years ago when this was my daily driver. No CEL/MIL and everything works great otherwise. Car not abused and I'm maintaining this like before (= overmaintaining). I Cleaned MAF just in case. Anything else to try?
  11. Is that a fuel filter? What is the source? I will try something like this myself. Does it metter which way it's plugged in?
  12. Your father's explanation is not that great. Here is a better explanation (long read):
  13. It's not the module that is defective, but rather there could be interference that produces a short. Toyota's fix is filters in the wires and covering the whole thing in plastic wrap (moisture issue?). I got the notice in the mail but wonder if wait for the next recall that is about faulty ingiters: