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  1. I think I posted a similar problem several months ago. It was quite annoying and was in the middle of winter with freezing temperatures. It turned out to be the rear window and the noise stopped when I shoved a glove between the rear brake light and rear window. I have the brake light on my rear spoiler as well so it didn't really affect the rear brake lighting. Come to think of it...the weather got better and the glove of course gone, but I should fix it as it's just going to happen again next winter. Thanks for the reminder.
  2. has not set their status
  3. Don't just replace the rear speakers....replace all 6. Get a decent head unit that plays mp3's and also a small rear amplifier. I did all that and also don't want to make a spectacle of myself when my car is thumping about. The trunk gives you more than adequate bass. Take it from don't need a subwoofer taking up room in your trunk. I had pictures on here, but I see the link to the other website has changed hands.
  4. My '05 is just turning 80k (50 thousand miles) and wondering if I'm due for a brake job. I'll be putting my summer tires back on in a month or so and wonder if I'm getting warning signs. When driving I'm getting a funny rubbing sound coming from the front wheels and it disappears if I touch the brake pedal. It is more prominent at times when I'm turning a corner. Not only that, but if I'm sitting idle and touch the brakes I hear a squeaking spring sound as if coming from the passenger rear. This stops if I put on the emergency brake slightly. Any ideas, or is it time I bit the bullet and take her in before my next service? Bye the way....brake fluid is fine.
  5. This winter I've noticed that my rear deck (that consists of the speaker grills and brake light) gives a real annoying vibration at certain revs and when hitting bumps on the road. The only thing that slows it down is to shove a rag right between the rear brake light and rear window. This isn't a safety issue too much as I have an optional rear spoiler on mine that has a brake light as well. I thought at first it was just the cold weather, but still does it when above freezing. I did check my speakers and amp and everthing else under the trunk seems tight.
  6. We have three Echos in the immediate family as well as my Corolla. My wife has made her FIFTH trip to our local Toyota shop after having a supposidly simple oil/lube/filter. She had and still has a vibration coming from the air filter box, even though they made it a bit quieter. Does anyone else know why this vibration, that goes right through the dash when she puts it in drive as it's very annoying.
  7. Well, first of all, I would suggest getting a better than stock head unit. As for the speakers....I changed my door and rear speakers to Infinitiy's as my model didn't come with corner window speakers, but I had Infinity's put in there as well. I don't recall if the LE came with 6 speakers or not, but I had to order the metal corner posts from the "sport" model Corolla of '05 to accomodate the tweeters. By the way, they make all the difference in the world. Oh.....and then there may be a bit of a need for an amp in your trunk.'s well worth it. Another thing.....I know my Infinity's didn't match the rear 4 hole stock configuration, so I had to improvise without drilling holes.
  8. I changed my stock unit the same week I bought my Corolla as I have done with my past three new vehicles. The easiest way for me was to just take it to the local auto sound dealer and they did everything for a very good price. I put the rear speakers in myself which took me all day long and should have let them do it for their charge of $35.00. I have a picture of the shelf if you want to see it.
  9. Where I live, they just call them "alloys". When I bought mine from the local dealer, they were from "DAI Alloys" and that's what anyone I know calls them (alloys)....if they have them on their own vehicle. Just put mine back on last week and use Maquirers (or however you spell it) to clean them.
  10. For the past several months I have been getting a recorded phone call saying my warranty is about to expire and this is the last chance to renew. Well, the last chance happens a couple of times a week and they even have my cell phone number now. I've only been home once when they called live and pressed the button to be taken off the list....only to be told that my call will be answered in the order it was received. This happens to our Echos as well and not only Toyotas. Several people at work with Fords, Chevy, etc. as old as '02 get the same crap. Toyota tells me it is a marketing firm in the States that has sold our information to someone else. It's not a scam, but someone is trying to sell us warranties and I wonder is anyone else gets this same crap!
  11. Horn Replaced?

    The "Freeway Blasters" were the first thing I changed the week I bought my Corolla. I did screw up though as I mounted one of them in a direction that eventually allowed it to fill up with water. Someone mentioned about installing them on a motorcycle, which I'm now going to look into.
  12. I installed my snow tires yesterday and it was easy to tell where to install them. In the spring I had put little tags on them to tell me which side they go on. Ex...."install on driver's front". The only problem is that now I don't remember where they go next time I change them. Not directional tires by the way. I asked my local Toyota dealer what they do as they change the tires of our three Echos. They said if they say "LF" on the tire (for instance) that is where they go back on unless the customer asks for a rotation.
  13. And remember a lesson I learned a few years ago on my van that had rotors less than a month old! I got out of work one cold winter night and I guess I didn't touch the brakes until I was down the road a bit...and then an idiot when through the red light and I had to hit the brakes. Well, once I got on my way again after that.. I felt a shimmy as I warped one of the rotors. I guess it was because they were frozen or whatever, and suddenly got so hot that it warped. Now, in the winter, I always give the brakes a bit of a warm up ever since that happened.
  14. Hi Rolleyes: I also live a few miles away in Guelph. I've been using NXT since I bought my '05 and am very impressed with it. When this can of paste expires...I will buy the liquid and try it as it's a pain trying to take it off the pinstripes.