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  1. Re; 1990 corolla wagon dlx (Same problem as Guest AtoB) I have no clearance to get a wrench on the brake cylinder bolts. None! Not even an open ended wrench will engage enough of the head to deliver the torque to break and remove. It's an impossible situation and I desperately need to change out these brake cylinders. Since, I also intend to remove/rebuild the rear struts, do a complete brake overhaul and new brake hoses... ...I see no other way other than to also remove the 4 bolts that hold the hub/bearing assembly to the knuckle... ...and attempt to remove or pivot the entire brake plate assembly. I may have to unbolt the forward control arm so the assembly can pivot on the 2 wishbone bushings. (The strut will be out at this point, but after the hub bolts are untorqued) I believe there'll be room to use a hand grinder with a thin disc to cut/grind a gap between the bolt head and the body of the get enough clearance for a closed-end 10mm wrench or socket. I see no other way. The new brake cylinders have the proper recess to provide clearance for wrench access. I believe these are the original brake cylinders. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Please give feed back on my desperate solution