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  1. Hi fishexpo101, I have sent my car to another mechanic. After a short drive, he suspect it could be sludge affecting the VVT-i gear. This require the cylinder head cover to be removed for further inspection... One more thing is the alternator making constant "yi~~~" noise which directly proportional to the engine rev, i'm not sure if it also produce the metallic rattling. For now I assume this issue was minimal and have no immediate impact to the engine's health, so I will ignore it until the issue more pronounced (to ease-up root cause diagnostic).
  2. So today i went another mechanic to have further checking... he couldn't hear the noise as it's happening "intermittent". He used diagnostic computer to check for error code, none showing up. He then proceed to test the VVT by activating it during idle, engine will stalled after brief hesitation. According to him this is normal VVT operation. He also test around a few settings such as idling speed, 580rpm to 2400rpm. I was amazed the engine still idle even with 580rpm. He opened up the OCV valve and OCV filter. OCV filter looks ok, wasn't clogged. Cleaned it with some solvent and sprayed with air-gun. When going home I hear the noise still coming back occasionally... Now I'm worried it might be some serious engine problem. Read this forum found a member having similar symptom but bearing was gone after months...
  3. Hi All, The car is year 2004 corolla altis 1.8 1ZZ-FE, automatic transmission, from APAC Malaysia. Currently it has 78k miles on it. I did not record down the sound but that youtube video has the best reflect of the metallic noise I'm currently encountering. I can't detect the metallic noise when looking at the engine bay, engine was noisy when increasing throttle (yes this is 1ZZ-FE) but not metallic noise. Looking at the tensioner seems smooth without rattling when playing with throttle. Yes, the car seems to loss its "usual" power and engine was little struggling to rev-up since this metallic noise surfacing (used to be rev-happy engine). I noticed it usually happens after engine has warmed-up to operating temperature, around 2400rpm to 3400rpm (I did not test higher rpm as afraid the engine might break during the constant noise). It sounds like knock pinging/detonation on other car, but I'm surprised it could stay long unless I release throttle pressure. I suppose there's knock sensor which should've reduce the ignition timing? One thing I found yesterday, there's some oil stain on the OCV. not sure it was leaked through the head gasket or OCV itself. Was leaky OCV a common issue? I've cleaned up the area, let's see where the leak comes...
  4. Hi Corolland Masters, Any thought on what possible causes of this metallic noise? Thank you.
  5. Hi Corolland Masters, Recently my old 1.8 1ZZ-FE VVT-i will develop continuous metallic noise when driving 80-110km/h. The noise might temporary eliminate if I release throttle and re-apply back (keeps regulating the throttle pressure). I found the power seems dropped after this noisy symptom surfacing. Mechanic suspected spark plug and V-belt issue, which after replaced still giving the same noise. I searched through some article and youtube, most people are showing rod knock noise or VVT-i noise on idle speed, but mine is showing noise only during driving under "part throttle". The youtube video on this link having exactly the same noise: Any idea what's wrong before I visit another mechanic? Thank you.