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  1. I'm hoping someone can give me a direction to start in with an EVAP System fault on my 2016 Corolla Sport. Only fault listed is P2420 Switching Valve Control Circuit High. I've checked and reset the fault 3 times now and every time this fault comes back, as expected. Any suspects that anyone might think of?
  2. Your odometer failure isn't so much a problem but a design failure. The 299,999 is the designed high end for the odometer and my '07 (337,100 miles) has the same exact issue. Good luck in finding a new one available and the cost will be in the $500-600 range. You could swap in a used one if you could find one with low mileage that would fit but you would still have to account for all of the miles that were on the old unit. No reset option. The trip odometers still work and I use "A" for each fill up mileage and I use "B" to keep track of the running mileage since it will activate the maintenance light for oil changes. Good luck in however you decide to proceed.