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  1. need help,i dont know on how to connect the ac amplifier of may toyota corolla 1995,4afe engine.i us a favorable help from any body the wiring diagram from ac amp., to the thermistor and to the main socket.or the color coding of the wiring.,,because the sub wiring harness was missing.,and try to order it on toyota iloilo philippines.saddenly they donot cary anymore the said parts,,so if any body can help me,thank u very much in advance,
  2. hi to all, my problem is the idle of my corolla 1995 with 4afe engine,when the ac is the idle getting low,but if i off the ac its go back to normal, i was found out that the ac module was convert into manual thermostat,which is wrong right?so any body can help me pls..ty

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