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  1. I was replacing the front struts in my 2000 and accidentally removed the brake line bolt, cause fluid to leak out (not the bleeder valve, but the bolt). Completely stupid, I know. After finishing the job, my brakes are spongy. I added more fluid, but that didn't do it. So, two things: 1) This is an air in the brake line issue now, isn't it? I need to bleed the lines. 2) If there was liquid pouring out of the line, how did air get inside? It would have been leaking for just a couple seconds and was immediately reattached. Is that long enough for air to invade the system? Obviously I'm still learning with this stuff, so any input is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Okay, I'm ashamed to even be writing about this problem, but I'm ready to light myself on fire and need some outside perspective. I had a possible plugged injector last week, so I pulled it. The O ring had some tearing, so I replaced it with the recommended Victor Reinz O rings (part GS33654). I thought I might as well replace all of them, so I did. Upon starting the engine back up, at least two of the injector seals were leaking, causing gas to flood outside the engine. I recall the injectors were tough to get into place with the new O rings and required a good deal of twisting and cramming. Thinking this might have torn the new rings, I pulled them and, sure enough, tearing. So I bought a NEW set. I lubricated them with a little oil so they'd slide in easier. They went in perfectly. Started the car up again and--more flooding. What am I doing wrong here? Is there a secret to inserting the injectors that I (or the dozen sources I've researched) don't know about? Is it possible that the injectors aren't the original, and therefore the replacement O rings aren't the right size? (wouldn't size be uniform for injectors, though?) I've checked the gaskets as well and they're fine. No tearing. Again, such a ridiculous problem, but I'm at my wits end. Do you see anything I'm missing?
  3. UPDATE: Installed a new gas pump today. While replacing it, I noticed there was a tear in the casing of the fuel pump connector wiring. It was about 1/4 long and the wire was exposed. It was apparent that it had been there for a while. Anyways, I sealed it up with a heat shrunk butt splice, put in the new pump, and so far the engine sounds great. Took it out on the highway and it appears to be running smoothly once more. But now I'm wondering--was the problem the tear in the wiring case or the fuel pump?
  4. Great advice. Thanks, Fishexpo101. I did the electrical test yesterday and found that the pump is getting power. I have a new pump ordered, but in the meantime I'll go ahead and do a compression test. Like you said, if these don't work the next culprit is probably the ECM. I know they're expensive, but at this point I'd be ecstatic just to know what the problem is. I'll post an update later. Thanks again!
  5. Okay, quick update: I've checked the MAF, spark plugs, EFI relay, battery cables, fuel filter, fuel injectors, and used gas treatment. Have also done the visual inspection. None of these have done the trick. My next step is to check the fuel pump, as I don't hear it activating when I turn the key to the "on" position. I'll first make sure it's getting electricity. If it is, it seems likely that the pump is bad. Any other advice/anything I'm missing? Thanks for your time.
  6. I was driving my 2000 Corolla on the freeway today when the engine started sputtering. It would go away, then come back, go away, and then finally the engine just shut off (while driving 50mph). The dashboard lights came on and the power steering/brakes went out. Pulled to the side and restarted it. Engine kicked on just fine, though it would die again as soon as the accelarator was pressed. After 15 minutes it would drive again for a mile or so (was able to park it), but then the engine would shut off again. Will still start, but the engine dies before long. Does anybody have an idea what is happening here? From what I've read, the possible culprit can be anything from spark plugs, MAF, ECM, or a clogged fuel injector. I'm hoping someone has had a similar experience and can possibly help narrow the field. One other thing: about two weeks ago I filled up the gas tank and the same thing happened. After a 30 minute rest, it worked just fine again (until now). I'm ****uming this is related. Thanks for your help.