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  1. Amp

    I haven't been farther than the stereo on my 9th gen, I'll check if I see an amp somewhere in the back. Installing this stereo has been a pain, I'll check on Toyotanation to see if I get any help Thanks, Fish
  2. Amp

    So you think there might be a factory amp in my Corolla? I was told to follow the wires in back of the 10th gen headunit to get to the "hidden amp", but it was too hard because of the million wires crossing each other. Plus, I didn't want to tear up the whole dash looking for it I searched online to see if I can get the wiring diagrams of the headunits to see if the pins were different but couldn't find them either
  3. Amp

    (I couldn't figure out how to post pictures of the headunits I have, so I got those off Google)
  4. Amp

    The headunit I have can not be defective because it works perfectly fine with the original car. I have the standard audio system on my Corolla, standard headunit and everything I bought two 10th gen stereos, one Panasonic And the other Pioneer Same with both,turned on but no sound
  5. Amp

    So, what do you suggest I do, Fish? Look for another stereo or get it installed at a dealership?
  6. Amp

    I tried installing a 2012 stereo on my 9th gen, it turned on and everything but no sound. I went to get help at an audio store and they said I needed the factory amp because, I guess, the 2012 comes with premium sound
  7. Amp

    Does anybody know where the amplifier is located on a 2012? Or where I can get one. The dealership has them for 500
  8. Brake Pads

    Wow, thanks a lot, man
  9. Brake Pads

    Basically, I was asking for recommendations. Since I have to change them anyway, I was wondering if the OEM pads were good?
  10. Brake Pads

    I need to replace my brake pads. Does anyone know what the pros and cons are of going with TRD pads? Thanks in advance
  11. 2013 On 9Th Gen

    Ok, cool. Thanks, Fish
  12. Can I install these parts from a 2013 corolla on my 2004 with no problem?
  13. 2013 Oem Stereo

    Thanks, Dom Do you think the 2013 will fit, though? Or will I have to put in some work?
  14. Will 2013's factory stereo fit my 9th gen (2004) Corolla?

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