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  1. For Corolla 2013 Owners Manual specifies 10K under the normal condition and if you use 0-20W (which is synthetic). It recommends 5K if you operate under special conditions, or use different oil. My previous Corolla 2007 used mineral oil with 5k interval.
  2. Congratulations on reaching 300,000 SO what would be recommended interval for synthetic oil? 10,000K?
  3. I just replaced my 2007 Corolla with 137K miles, which was totalled by insurance, with 2013 Corolla with 35K miles. I know, based on the records which I found, that previous owner used Synthetic Oil 00279 0w201 01 0w20. I don't have much experience with synthetic oil so my questions are: 1. are synthetic oils compatible ? and 2. what is the recommended interval for oil change? My previous Corollas used dino oil with 5k interval. Thanks a lot for any help. Yahoo/Inbox M
  4. In my Corolla 2007 Air bag light comes on after about 10 seconds after starting engine. Called dealer, they charge $115 or more just for diagnosis. The guy told me that if the light is on the left of the dashboard that means that the issue is with driver side. Is that correct? When I just put the key to the ignition I have only one light, which by the way goes off after a while. Other symptoms are : Horn is working and the light is coming on even if I start the car from the window (nobody is sitting in). I checked both connectors under the seats and visually inspected cables but didn't see any obvious problems. I appreciate any comments and advise what my next steps should be.
  5. I am much more advanced that 7-year old and don't dream on any carrier. But seriously would like to know if this job is for DIY . So any constructive instruction or comments would be helpful. I know that I can rent bushing press from AutoZone.
  6. Thanks a lot except that my problem is with rear axle beam. But I may use this video in the future....
  7. I didn't get any response so I will simplify my question. Do I have to remove entire axle beam to replace bushings? And how challenging it is?
  8. I do have 2007 corolla with 135K. I recently noticed that bushing on the driver side in rear beam is cracked. It definitely affects comfort of driving. I want to replace it but don't know exactly how big job it is. So any advice, picture or just sharing experience will be very much appreciated. Also should the other one (passenger side) be replaced at that time. Thanks
  9. I hit my break very hard, wheels were locked and in result I have flat spots on the tire. After that incident I had very distinctive knocking coming from the front wheels. I moved them to the back, it was better but still very noticeable. I had relatively new new tires from Costco so I talked to them, they re-balanced the affected tires and told me, that with time it should even up. It is now roughly 3000 miles with new balance and in my perception is not better and rather worse. Should I be more patient and drive more, or ask for re balancing again? I heard that tire thread can be shaved to match? If yes, who is doing that? Or should I just replace the tires (there is still at least 2/16" of the thread at the flat spot). Any help will be very appreciated. Thanks
  10. At that weather I am afraid, I will need to wait till spring. So far I know that water gets in somewhere at the top of the window. Than it gets to the body and shows up in different places deep in the trunk compartment. So it is diverted in different locations. I will try to narrow down the entry/source of the leak and than use silicone like this: I was just wondering if somebody had similar experience Happy New Year to everybody
  11. I definitely intend to keep the car longer than year. Right now in my place (Connecticut) it is to cold for any experimentation. Fortunately we don't have any rain or snow in the forecast.But I want to narrow down the potential leak , mostly by pouring water. I already removed trim from the trunk but it is not helpful in location of the leak as the water shows in multiple places.
  12. I recently noticed some water in the trunk (2007 Corolla). After many trails and checks I narrowed down location of the potential leak as a top right corner of the rear window. The widow is original and there was no any recent damage in this area, but seal at that corner looks a little deformed and not flush with the body of the car. I would attach the picture except that I don't know how. Anyway, I would appreciate any help how to fix it myself without asking any specialized garage. And Happy Holiday and Happy Driving to all who find the time to read my post.
  13. Thanks Snow Tire, I live in Connecticut and as I said it is going to be colder. But based on my experience battery is not collapsing immediately and mine has no any sign of leaks I checked the levels and electrolyte and so far I didn't noticed any change in performance.
  14. I have 2007 Corolla with 88k. I bought it as "certified" with life-time free oil change. Last 2 times when my oil was changed I was told that my battery is for replacement since it is original (7years old) and failed load test. This battery never failed me so far and I checked gravity in each cell and was perfect. My question is what is normal life for the Toyota's battery and should I eventually change battery or wait for winter for some more convincing signs. Thanks
  15. That is exactly what I thought. Except that it shouldn't be $1600 and honestly I didn't' see any indication of seeping from the cover (regardless where the leak originates). But I also didn't notice any leaks on the ground or looking from the under the car (from time to time I check it). Before they also indicated the leak from the tensioner but I just tighten the bolts and it is dry now. I will clean the area and will watch it. Thanks a lot for reply