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  1. Thanks so much! You are backing up my own opinions. I'm gonna go for it! Will share back as time and more miles get added. CHEERS, Summer
  2. Hi guys! I'm in love with the 2006 Matrix. I don't own one, but I want one. Problem is my Budget is low and only salvaged and rebuilt titles fit in, or super high miles. I think I trust the high miles (225k with constant fluid changes) over the unknown damage of a branded title. But I'm not a mechanic. I just want a reliable, good cargo space car that's fun to drive, with good mpg. (haha, not so much to ask!) The other option I found is a '99 corolla with only 150k, but I tend to haul a bunch of stuff kinda regularly and have always had a wagon. If you had a low budget, less than $5,000, what might you be more likely to go with in my situation? Thanks, Summer