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  1. A few weeks ago, my dad was driving a 2007 Toyota Corolla and it suddenly just accelerated on its own. He tried stomping on the brake pedal... nothing... Even put it on neutral and still nothing.. My dad eventually had to crash the car into a curb and it finally stopped. Damages were minimal but I'm sure the feeling was unforgettable. Everyone had heard about this issue but with the 2009 or 2010 model so it was very strange that it would happen to the 2007 version after owning it for 7 years or so. The car seemed normal after that but my dad was scared as hell to drive it.. He took it to the Toyota dealership to inspect it. After a few days, they gave the car back with no status update. Toyota Corporate has been notified but still didn't do anything about it. After a while my dad got sick of waiting around and traded it in for a brand new car with the Nissan dealership. The corolla was worth practically nothing because of high mileage but he feels so much better that he got rid of it.. We have bought nothing but Toyota's over the years and have been unsatisfied with many things that have happened so my dad made up his mind to never buy another Toyota again. I don't blame him. I might still consider a Toyota again in the future but am swaying away from it for various reasons other than this. I myself own a 2004 Corolla and it feels totally different than the 2007 one even though they are the same 9th generation. Something was always off with the 2007 Corolla and it's not a surprise what happened. This is just a warning for those who own the corolla around the time the big recall happened.