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  1. Fish What trans fluid do you use Toyota trans fluid.
  2. I wanted to know if anyone ever used Valvoline MAXLIFE trans fluid. For an 05 Corolla would Toyota trans fluid or Maxlife fluid be better Also for filter and gasket use TOYOTA or something else. Thanks.
  3. Fish Since the TOYOTA green brakes are better than the black I will have to see at the dealer if I can get the GREEN brakes or not.
  4. Fish I think i will try the centric/power stop set up you Use. You said it worked good for you. How was your experience with akebono proact and what rotors did you use with it. Thank.
  5. Fish 04465-02070 This is the part number for the Toyota green brakes I know of. We're these the brakes you were referring to that we're good. If these brakes are good I will use them. I am guessing since these are TOYOTA pads use TOYOTA rotors.
  6. Fish I agree with you I should put the HAWK HPS on and give them a try. My fear is when I put them on I will not like them for same reasons your wife does not like them and also I am not used to them. Fish I used TOYOTA OEM before and really liked them. You said your wife gets centric/ stop tech pads. How are stop tech pads. I never used them. Thanks.
  7. Fish I always wanted to try the HAWK HPS. I just do not know if they are good for my daily driver car. Another one I heard that was good is AKEBONO PROACT. Advics are also supposed to be good. I like the rotors that came with my 05 Corolla when it was new. I just do not know who made them. I can't make up my mind between BREMBRO BLANKS and CENTRIC PREMIUM rotors Fish have you ever tried ADVICS rotors. I was wondering how good they were. Thanks.
  8. Dom What would they be.
  9. Are there any brakes and rotors out there that are better than the TOYOTA OEM. I know the TOYOTA OEM brakes are are supposed to be excellent but I just wanted to see if there was any brakes and rotors that were even better then TOYOYA OEM. THANKS
  10. Fish How many miles on your Matrix. What engine is it 2azfe. Fish I am surprised with how good you maintain your cars it is starting to consume oil. The 2azfe engine and 1zzfe engine are the same engine or are they made the same because both engines have the same problems.
  11. Just so I understand. The piston had 3 sets of rings. The last set are the oil control rings the one with the holes causing all the problems in some Toyota engines. What are the first 2 sets of rings called and what do they do.
  12. I understand the problem with the 2azfe engine is over time the oil drainage holes in the piston clog. What I do not get is how come no other Toyota engine ever had this problem. Maybe the holes are too small or their must be something else. Fish I like to know what is different with new part that makes it not burn oil as opposed to the old part. Fish if you know what makes the old and new parts different can you let me know.
  13. Fish What is actual problem with 2azfe: Toyota tried a different piston design and it did not work. So now they have a TSB with up dated part. Would it be better to get new engine right from Toyota so you are guaranteed to have correct part.
  14. I do not know I guess a engine swap is just taking an engine out of an other car and putting it in your car. When you do a swap I do not know what engine you can use. With the 2azfe engine what is the issue: Toyota tryed a different piston design and it did not work. I do not know. Now I guess they came up with a TSB with an updated part. I think the best thing to do is get a new or rebuild engine from Toyota because you will be guaranteed to have the right updated part. Engine rebuilder: that is all he does all day. He should be able to build engine with right part that is his business. I am going to look the 07 Camry up on KBB and get the value.
  15. Fish The cheapest oil at my Walmart is Valvoline premium conventional oil. 5 quart jug comes out to 2.99 a quart or Pennzoil conventional 5quart jug comes out to 3.29 a quart. I am using either of these for the 07 Camry. Fish you will agree at this point do not do any thing else no more piston soak etc. Just keep filled with oil. 2 choices get rid of it or get new engine. Unless some one has some magic.