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    Im finding it extremely difficult to get the dealer to even consider that the problem is the ECM. During my last visit to the dealer's service center they told me that my car isn't covered by the federal emissions warranty. Everything that Ive found online regarding the federal emissions warranty says it covers cars with up to 80,000 miles, I have 67,000 miles. They gave me a list of probable causes: leak in a vacuum hose pcv valve fuel injector needs replaced and a few others but not the ECM Recent work that has been done: new PCV valve new spark plugs from the dealers service center new coil packs on 2 and 3 new air filter The CEL is still on any time I drive the car but now it starts flashing when I accelerate. Does this mean anything different? I drove it to autozone yesterday to purchase the new PCV valve and they plugged their computer in and got the same code, p303.
  2. Coil Packs

    Thank you for the response. I took the car back to the dealer and asked them about the ECM. They hooked it up to the computer and got the p303 which they said means # 3 cylinder is missing again. They also said EMC should be fine but Im not sure how they know that. To answer your question about the CEL, after a "repair" the mechanic turns off the light. After the first attempted repair it took about 4 days for the light to come back on but after this most recent attempt the light was only off for a few hours. The car seems to hesitate most when Im just starting off or going up a hill. Once I get to about 35mph it runs better. Then when I get to about 60mph it starts to hesitate again. One other thing I didnt mention earlier. The RPM gauge just jumps all around the dial, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. Sometimes it just stays at 0 even though the car is moving.
  3. Last year I bought a 2006 Corolla LE. Soon after buying it the car started hesitating and the engine light came on. A mechanic hooked it up to the computer and said #3 cylinder is missing. They replaced all spark plugs and #3 coil pack. A few days later, same problem. This mechanic called the dealership, they recommended using factory spark plugs so we changed them again with plugs from the dealer. Few more days, same problem. Mechanic recommended taking it to dealer because he was stumped. Dealer said #3 cylinder missing again, moved #2 coil pack to #3 spot and put brand new coil pack in #2. Day or so later, same problem, took back to dealer they now say #3 fuel injector may be bad but they dont know for sure. Took car to different mechanic, he said #2 cylinder missing replaced coil pack again. Next day engine light came on again, back to mechanic #3 this time, replace coil pack #3 again. Light was off for a few hours and its on again. This mechanic also ran fuel inejector cleaner and gas treatment in case water somehow got in the lines. Any suggestions on what to do next?